Total Drama: Return of the All Stars is a fictitious season of Total Drama created by Nicky Haugh.

Plot Summary

Twenty Six of Total Drama's most memorable contestants return for another dangerous yet challenging task of winning $1,000,000 without getting themselves eliminated; as those who do end up taking the Death of Shame.

Full Synopsis

Just one month following The Ridonculous Race, Chris McLean provokes his diplomatic legitimacy into creating a new Total Drama season as a birthday present granted from his nephew Thomas. Together, the duo and Chef Hatchet end up hosting the show's newly season called Total Drama: Return of the All-Stars, with 26 contestants returning for yet another opportunity of winning $1,000,000.

In the team-up storylines; Mike seeks comfort in her girlfriend Zoey as he desperately attempts to escape his past following Mal's reign of terror in his last entry, while Cameron gradually interactions a relationship with Sky after her attempts to reconcile with Dave are unsuccessful, providing Ella the opportunity to ascertain her feelings towards him. Meanwhile, Alejandro becomes sidetracked with an unexpected guest, who is the main antagonist for the season, that causes his relationship with Heather to become estranged following the latter's frustration about his fiancé's distraction. Elsewhere, Gwen's relationship with Duncan becomes tested, and finally Scarlett is narcissistically motivated to finish what she previously started.... by any means necessary!

Prior to the merging, the following contestants have been eliminated in the ascending order; Jo, Topher, Lighting, Izzy, Brick, Scott, Lindsay, Rodney, Anne Miara, and Sugar. In the episode before Sugar's elimination, a double-elimination occurred with Jamsine and Shawn's departure from the competition.

In the merging storyline, a disagreement breaks out between Chris and Thomas over how each character treats the contestants; with the latter becoming aware of how nefarious his uncle truly is in the process. Dawn is the first contestant to get voted off after getting framed for a crime that was actually committed by Courtney, who ultimately gets her comeuppance after being found out and then voted off. With her friend Cameron in relationship with Sky, Gwen reconciles with Duncan and the get back together before each are eliminated in different episodes.

During this time, the mysterious guest whom Alejandro has been investigating is revealed to be his criminally vengeful sister Alex, who seeks to hurt her best friend Zoey and her allies for what they did to Alejandro in All-Stars. Though aware of Mike's indirect cause, Alex squarely blames Zoey for Alejandro's physical harm caused by her boyfriend and stops at nothing but to return the favour to her friends; emotionally harming Zoey in the process as she prayed in completing this.

As time passes, Scarlett became aware of this, but instead formed a secret alliance with her so that both can claim what's rightfully theirs. Having made her doubt appearance in the team-up's conclusion. Their alliance separately causes the eliminations of both Heather and Max, before Alex herself betrays Scarlett in order to finalize her mission; leading to the latter's downfall in the process.

Earlier on, Zoey and Ella are revealed to be half-sisters from different families, while Dave and Noah turn out to be estranged brothers living with their divorced parents. After seeking comfort from Ella and Sky, rebuilding their friendship in the process, Dave reconciles with Noah shortly before the two get eliminate on separate occasions. After proceeding to oust Cameron and Sky on different episodes, Alex eventually allows Zoey to become aware of presence; taking this opportunity to eliminate Mike from the competition.

In the penultimate episode, Alex succeeds in driving Alejandro and Zoey into the final two after causing Owen's disqualification, before driving Ella to eliminate herself from the game. In the season's finale, Alex's confrontation with Zoey leads to the former's confession about her ruthless personality; causing a betrayed Alejandro to turn against her sister and allow either himself or Zoey to win in either ending. On both occasions, Alex is arrested while the finalists and the eliminated contestants finally secured amnesty following Chris' discharged that was caused by Thomas and Chef, who felt uneasy with Chris' egomaniacal narcissism.

In the epilogue, Zoey discloses of her brother Nicky previously interacting with Alex during their past, while Thomas has taken over his uncle's business and is proven more respectful towards Chef and their assets, with Chris being detained in a high security prison where he and Alex secretly plot a vengeful quest against their enemies. These both revelations will follow through the synopsis of part 2 that features a crossover and parallel storyline between The Ridonculous Race and Total Drama.


The fictitious season comprises 30 chapters; including a prologue and epilogue that presents the purposes of introducing and concluding the season on separate terms.


  • 1 = Total Drama: Return of the All Stars
  • 2 = Drama of the Dead
  • 3 = Oh when the saints go marching in
  • 4 = The Force shall Die with you
  • 5 = If you can Dodge a Bullet. You can Dodge a Ball
  • 6 = Mrs Bricks Boys
  • 7 = An Eye for an Eye. And a Tooth for a Tooth
  • 8 = Total Wipeout
  • 9 = Dawn of the Planet of the Ants
  • 10 = Man vs Machine
  • 11 = Baby on Broad
  • 12 = Gwen of the Wind
  • 13 = Chris of Duty
  • 14 = Zoeyland
  • 15 = Welcome to Death Race
  • 16 = Ella White and the Seven Survivors
  • 17 = Mission Impossible
  • 18 = Magic Mirror of the Wall. Who is the most challenging of them all!!!
  • 19 = Survival of the Fattest
  • 20 = One Shall Stand. One Shall Fall


No. of Episode Title Summary
0 Prologue  ?
1  ?  ?
2  ?  ?
3  ?  ?
4  ?  ?
5  ?  ?
6  ?  ?
7  ?  ?
8  ?  ?
9  ?  ?
10  ?  ?
11  ?  ?
12  ?  ?
13  ?  ?
14  ?  ?
15  ?  ?
16  ?  ?
17  ?  ?
18  ?  ?
19  ?  ?
20  ?  ?
21  ?  ?
22  ?  ?
23  ?  ?
24  ?  ?
25  ?  ?
26  ?  ?
27  ?  ?
28  ?  ?
29 Survival of the Fattest  ?
30a  ?  ?
30b  ?  ?
Epilogue  ?  ?


Alejandro Anne Maria Dave
Bridgette B Ella
Courtney Brick Jasmine
Duncan Cameron Max
Gwen Dawn Rodney
Heather Jo Scarlett
Izzy Lightning Shawn
Lindsay Mike Sky
Noah Scott Sugar
Owen Zoey Topher

Elimination order

Position Name Team Cause of Elimination Reason
30 B Classic Crows Voted Out He feigned an illness in order to be voted out due to his displeasure in retiring to Total Drama over what happened to him in Season 4
29 Jo Original Ostriches Voted Out She once again annoyed and insulted her team which caused them to voted her off after losing the challenge in the process.
28 Topher Classic Crows Voted Out His narcissistic behavior is what directly led to his team losing the challenge, causing them to vote him off in retaliation.
27 Lightning Original Ostriches Voted Out His arrogance and foolishness is what obstructed his team the win and end up losing as a result, causing them to vote him off in retaliation.
26 Izzy Classic Crows Voted Out She bothered her team due to her insanely unnatural behavior that caused them to vote her off after losing the challenge.
25 Brick Classic Crows Eliminated He coasted his team the challenge and proceeded to volunteer elimination after learning earlier on that his military cohorts have saved up a financial success from supported charities around the world.
24 Scott Original Ostriches Eliminated He was eliminated at the ceremony by the Classic Crows, who were given a choice to eliminate someone from the Original Ostriches.
23 Anne Maria Classic Crows Voted Out She never participated throughout the challenge and even caused her team to deliberately lose out of annoyance, which resulted in her elimination.
22 Rodney Original Ostriches Cheated Out He was manipulated by Scarlett into costing his team the challenge in order to prove his love for Ella and was later eliminated due to Scarlett tampering the votes
21 Lindsay Classic Crows Voted Out She indirectly caused her team to lose the final part of the challenge and waa subsequently eliminated
20 Shawn Classic Crows Injured He got critically injured after saving Jasmine from a falling object during the last part of the challenge which led to his removal from the competition
19 Jasmine Classic Crows Eliminated She voted herself off after choosing to stay with Shawn as his condition had been deteriorating following his injury.
18 Sugar Classic Crows Voted Out She deliberately coasted her team the challenge and ended up in a head-to-head tie breaker against Sky, who ultimately defeated Sugar and caused her elimination in the process.
17 Dawn Classic Crows Removed She was accused of stealing a gilded-Chris golden statue from Chris' mansion, even though it was Courtney, and received an anonymous note saying that surveillance had caught Dawn at the area of Chris' mansion
16 Noah Original Ostriches Eliminated He coasted his team the challenge after defending his brother Dave from his teammates, and then voted himself off to prevent Owen from getting eliminated
15 Heather Classic Crows Cheated Out She was eliminated after the votes were secretly tampered by Alex, who put her coup into motion by targeting Heather for elimination.
14 Duncan Classic Crows Eliminated Both he and Gwen were forced into a tie-breaker game due to Alex's coup, and he honorably allowed Gwen to win that caused his elimination.
13 Courtney Classic Crows Voted Out Due to her constant greed and selfishness as well as being exposed for the crime Dawn did not commit, Courtney was consequently voted out by everyone from the show.
12 Bridgette Classic Crows Eliminated She lost a tie-breaker game against Owen, who was being targeted by Alex during the time, and was eliminated.
11 Cameron Original Ostriches Cheated Out With Cameron gradually becoming aware of Alex's presence, she ended up targeting him for elimination instead.
10 Dave Classic Crows Removed While Sky was being targeted by Alex for elimination, Dave got eliminated instead after taking blame for a crime Sky is accused off by Chris.
9 Gwen Classic Crows Eliminated She unexpectedly lost a tie-breaker against Scarlett due to Alex and was eliminated as a result.
8 Max Original Ostriches Voted Out He was voted out by everyone as planned by Scarlett, who had sought to eliminate Max throughout the show and secretly conspired herself with Alex in order to succeed.
7 Sky Classic Crows Eliminated She inadvertently got caught in a trap meant for Mike and came last in the challenge as a result, causing her elimination in the process.
6 Mike Original Ostriches Eliminated He came last in the challenge after being sabotaged by Alex and was eliminated as a result.
5 Scarlett Original Ostriches Eliminated She initially had the invincibility status to save her from elimination in favor of Ella being eliminated, only to discover that Alex had betrayed their acquaintanceship by taking it from her, which caused Scarlett to get eliminated instead.
4 Owen Classic Crows Disqualified He deliberately caused damage at Chris' mansion in order to rescue Zoey from Alex's trap, which leads to his elimination after Chris disqualifies him out of anger.
3 Ella Classic Crows Eliminated While Zoey was planned to be eliminated by Alejandro as orchestrated by Alex, Ella instead volunteers elimination in Zoey's honor.
2 Alejandro Burromuerto Original Ostriches Runner-Up He kindly allows Zoey to win in order to confront Alex during their final confrontation; albeit he does end up winning in the alternate ending when Zoey confronts Alex instead.
1 Zoey Classic Crows Winner When Alejandro fought Alex one-on-one, Zoey took the opportunity to pull out the sword of justice with all her strength she mustered; albeit she finishes as runner-up when she allows Alejandro to win by confronting Alex herself.