Soren is one of the main characters in Minecraft story mode season 1. He was the leader of the order of the stone who were a group of legendary heroes who allegedly killed the ender dragon in reality Soren used the command block to simply remove it.

Some people view his actions of covering up the order's lie about the ender dragon as plausible evidence to classify him as a villain because of him being a lair and a coward. However, as explained in-game, he was forced by Ivor (another member of the order of the stone) to hand over the treasures they found on their previous adventures to ensure that he would not tell people the truth about the Ender Dragon. Despite Soren's cowardice and lies, he does still display heroic traits. He helps the main character Jessie in attempting to destroy the wither storm with his experimental TNT (although this was to prove futile) and held either Ellegrad or Magnus (both also members of the Order) in their dying moments (the player has to make a decision as both members attempt to redeem themselves by offering their armour to protect them from the Wither storm's attacks) and showed genuine grief when they passed

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