Pat Phelan
Pat Phelan


Connor McIntyre


Patrick "James" Phelan


Pat Phelan
Mr. Phelan
Alan Frost
Mr. Frost


Coronation Street


Landlord of Weatherfield (2016-2018).
Career criminal
Illegitimate builder-cum-businessman


High intelligence
Criminal intuition
Physical strength
Combat prowess
Vast resources
Exceptional charisma


Tormenting Anna Windass and her son Gary
Manipulating people; specifically his wife Eileen Grimshaw
Spending quality time with both Eileen and his daughter Nicola Rubinstein; as well as maintaining his relationships with them
Perpetuating nefarious activities
Covering up his reign of terror upon Weatherfield


Bankrupt Owen Armstrong in retaliation for getting his bike stolen and being forced to repay him £4,000
Usurp Jason Grimshaw from his position as the landlord of Weatherfield
Use Jason's £65,000 inheritance to orchestrate the "Calcutta Street" flats scam project and defraud the Weatherfield community out of thousands of pounds
Kill Michael Rodwell to prevent him from exposing his involvement in the "Calcutta Street" development
Silence Andy Carver to prevent him from exposing the truth about both "Calcutta Street" and Michael's death
Hunt down Vinny Ashford and later kill him to exact revenge for his betrayal at the end of their "Calcutta Street" scam project
Kill Luke Britton to prevent him from exposing Andy's fate
Frame Anna Windass for the attempted murder of Seb Franklin in retribution for exposing their past to his daughter Nicola Rubinstein
Prevent his wife Eileen from discovering his nefarious activities
(ultimately failed).
Exact revenge on his family and Gary Windass before fleeing Weatherfield with his grandson Zac
(ultimately failed).


Psychological abuse
Animal cruelty
Perverting the course of Justice
Attempted murder


Sophisticated Criminal Mastermind

What do you say Anna; is Pat Phelan to be trusted?
~ Pat Phelan's most famous quote as he taunts his rape victim and would-be archenemy: Anna Windass

Pat Phelan is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the ITV British soap opera drama: Coronation Street.

He first appeared as a minor antagonist in October 2013 and went on to serve as the secondary antagonist in the first half of 2014 before departing in April that year. Following his absence in 2015, Pat Phelan returned as the show's primary antagonist from 2016-2017 throughout up towards the first half of 2018; in which the character departed on 1st June 2018.



Pat Phelan first appeared as a client of Owen Armstrong, the property landlord of Weatherfield — a fictional district in Greater Manchester. When Owen visits Phelan at his house for a £4,000 repayment over a job he previously did for him, he instead learns that Phelan is apparently bankrupt and that all his assets are bequeathed to his wife Valerie — who too refuses to pay Owen when he confronts her at her salon shop about Phelan's debt. A frustrated Owen and his protege Gary Windass later break into Phelan's house, steal his motorbike, and lock it away at the builder's yard. Phelan confronts Owen at the yard and threatens to call the police for stealing his bike, but is forced to relent when Owen promises to tell Valerie about his recent infidelity — making it clear of how much he knows all about Phelan's "shady" past. Left with no other choice, Phelan pays Owen the £4,000 he owes him and is given back his motorbike.

Two months later before Christmas 2013, Phelan visits Owen at his house with a business proposition; to put forward a flat-conversion contract, with Owen acting as the project's front since Phelan is bankrupt. Despite family reservations, Owen becomes interested with the offer and meets up with Phelan in early 2014 to discuss their potential partnership. Phelan tells Owen that he needs £80,000 stumping up for the costs, but guarantees that he would make over £200,000 profit and gives him 24 hours to discuss the deal with his partner: Gary's mother Anna Windass — who herself opposes the idea due to her suspicions that Phelan is a conman. However, their business partnership is nevertheless agreed on after Owen's young daughter Katy urges him to go ahead with Phelan's project. Tensions initially rise when Owen finds out that Phelan has not put his £120,000 investment into the account and, after failing to contact him over the situation, suspects that he might have conned them. Phelan soon appears at the builder's yard and claims that the money is already in the account, requesting that Owen phone the bank to confirm his story; Owen makes the call and, much to his embarrassment, learns that Phelan's share has indeed been transferred onto the account — with the bank admitting to an online error that delayed the money transfer on the previous day. Anna later visits Phelan at his house to apologize for her reservations, but is left stunned when he contemplates on her attractiveness; she becomes uneasy in his presence and leaves. Anna begins to grow increasingly awakened during numerous meetings with Phelan and Valerie, especially on one occasion when he stroked her across the back whilst acting flirtatious — even when an oblivious Owen was around during that time.

Anna decides to settle the score with Phelan after he delivers a card to her, which she reads and finds out about his inappropriate affection towards him. She invites Phelan to her house and demands that he back off, but he ignores her warning — instead accusing her of trying to come onto him — and then appears to make a move on Anna, who eventually throws him out of her house. She later feigns illness to avoid another meeting with Phelan and Valerie at the Bistro, only for her desperation to be perceived by Gary's girlfriend: Owen's older daughter Izzy. When Anna is unable to stop Izzy from prying her suspicions, she reluctantly confines that Phelan attempted to rape her. Izzy comforts Anna and tries to keep Gary from finding out about the incident, but is forced to tell him when he takes notice of the secret. Later on that evening, Gary offers Phelan into having a lift home after work — only to end up confronting him once Owen and the other builders have left the worksite. Phelan, rebuffing Gary's demand to stay away from his mother, begins criticizing Anna on her flirtatious behavior — causing Gary to snap and punch Phelan; the two promptly descend into a physical fight and Phelan gets the upper hand until Gary ends up striking him over the head with a plank of wood, knocking Phelan unconscious as a result. Gary, believing to have killed Phelan, calls Owen to tell him what has happened and later brings him to the worksite — where they are surprised to find that Phelan has vanished.

A few days later in March 2014, Phelan reappears at Weatherfield and summons Gary and Owen without the rest of their family's knowledge — implicitly telling the duo how he plans to get revenge on them over the incident. When they attempt to end their partnership with Phelan at the following morning, he takes Gary and Owen into the site office and shows them a CCTV footage of Gary attacking him. Phelan assures Gary and Owen that he has further copies, and then demands that either they complete the work for a minimum wage — gleaning no profit — or he would hand the CCTV footage in to the police. Despite Gary's reluctance, Owen complies with Phelan's orders as he does not want his grandson Jake to grow up without a father figure if Gary were to be sent to prison. Phelan relishes in blackmailing Owen and Gary, such as ordering the former to wash his car and getting the latter to bury a grave for a dead pigeon. This effectively strains Owen and Gary's friendship, as they begin to take their frustrations out each other as well as their family. Phelan continues to overwork the pair by forcing them to remove perfectly fitted windows from the building his crewmen are working on, an act which nearly causes Gary to lash out at Phelan until Owen quickly separates him. Gary soon plans to get even on Phelan by stealing a shipment of tiles from him, but Phelan quickly finds out that it was Gary and was ready to report him to the police until Owen manages to stop him — pointing out that Gary's wages are already being docked because of the situation he caused in the first place. Phelan agrees not to report Gary to the police, but instead decides to keep the £80,000 that Owen invested onto their business project — which turns out to be what Phelan had intended to do all along to exact revenge on Owen for stealing his motorbike and being forced to pay what was owed. When Phelan takes Valerie on a holiday trip the next day, Gary breaks into their house in an attempt to extract the CCTV footage; however, Owen quickly stops him in his tracks — reminding Gary that Phelan has multiple copies. The two start planning on seeking other job placements in order to prevent Phelan from blackmailing them any further; however, this fails when Phelan discovers their intentions after learning of the break-in at his house and quickly deducing Gary's role behind it. In retaliation, Phelan arranges for Owen to be removed from the council's list of approved builders — effectively blacklisting him, which meant Owen could no longer get any independent work.

In April 2014, Phelan demotes Owen from his position as the project's site manager — replacing him with a disrespectful foreman: Clive, who constantly antagonizes Owen throughout his shift. Towards the end of the evening, Phelan orders Owen to clean up the worksite alone before leaving the area with Clive — who unknowingly forgets to collect his lighter; Owen later finds the lighter and plans on setting fire to the worksite, destroying Phelan's empire in the process. Just as he prepares to do so, however, Anna confronts him for running late in attending Faye's school play and soon learns of the situation that Phelan has inflicted upon their family. After failing to request Valerie in convincing her husband to back down, even when telling her about how the actions Phelan has caused, Anna personally visits Phelan and pleads with him to easy on Gary and Owen; with Anna further stating that Gary had once been in an army and had a traumatic experience of losing his comrades. At first Phelan appears to ignore Anna's pleas when he insists that she joins him for lunch, but thereupon gives her an indecent proposition: to have sex with him and he would let Gary and Owen go from the project. A disgusted Anna initially refuses to accept Phelan's "transaction", but decides to give in when she later finds Gary having a mental breakdown over the escalating situation. The next day, Anna meets up with Phelan at the Dunford Hall Hotel — where the two have sex as Phelan had planned. Afterwards, Phelan teases Anna as she furiously leaves with a contract that he planted to represent his bargain of their deal. He soon pays the whole family a visit at their house and fulfills his agreement with Anna by telling Gary and Owen that they're out of the project — fabricating a story on how Anna spoke to Valerie about the situation and managed to coax her in persuading him to put their differences aside. After getting Owen to sign a contract that releases him and Gary from their duties, Phelan hands over the disc contacting footage evidence of his assault before leaving the house — though not before he declares victory against the family, sarcastically tells them. "It's been a pleasure". Phelan subsequently departed Weatherfield with Owen's £80,000 investment off-screen.

In June 2014, Phelan sends Anna and Owen a postcard from Dubai — further rubbing in his triumphant glory against them. At that point, the couple and their families have been reduced to financial difficulties and are forced to move out of their home; with Owen also being declared an official bankrupt since he is unable to repay all his debts. Though they manage to partly bounce back from their troubles by moving into a new home, Anna eventually admits to Owen that she slept with Phelan to make him leave their family alone. The revelation slowly drove the couple apart from 2015 onwards. By then, however, Valerie had too split up with Phelan upon learning of his true colors — rendering him penniless due to his assets being completely entitled to his own wife.


Pat Phelan returns to Weatherfield in January 2016, having got a job from local builder Jason Grimshaw on his construction business and later working with his friend Kevin Webster on his garage expansion at the Webster's Auto Centre. Anna eventually learns of Phelan's return when she witnesses Kevin saving him from a speeding car — driven by Jamie Bowman, a pornographic offender, and his accomplice Lee — and he later tells Kevin his own version of what happened between them; with Phelan learning that Owen had already left in 2015 and that Anna is having a relationship with Kevin. Later on, Phelan visits Anna to "apologize" for destroying her relationship with Owen and promises that he won't cause her any trouble — so long as she doesn't cause him any trouble either.

Anna complies with reluctance, but later alerts Izzy of Phelan's reappearance and warns her about Gary's reaction to finding out as well. They manage to conceal Phelan's comeback from Gary until he sports him talking with Jason and Kevin at the garage. Gary goes to lash out at Phelan before his mother intervenes; with Gary's best-friend Zeedan Nazir helping Anna separate her son from Phelan, whom Jason and Kevin subsequently take with them over to Weatherfield's local pub — The Rovers Return. In February 2016, Phelan sabotages the electrics in Kevin's garage to further cement his stay in Weatherfield and Anna takes the news about this so badly that she lashes out at him in a fit of rage; she grabs a sledgehammer and smashes Phelan's van windscreen before attacking him, an act which Kevin witnesses — causing him to accuse Anna of being too obsessed with her past and end their relationship. The following day, Phelan visits Anna in the café and demands that she apologize to him in public. When she refuses and tries to stand up for herself, Phelan pins Anna against the wall and continues to threaten her until Kevin abruptly walks in — causing him to realize that she was right about him. Kevin promptly orders Phelan to leave, and he later refuses to help fix his damaged windscreen after learning from Anna the truth about their past. This subsequently leads to the two men clashing with each other, during which Kevin tries to warn Jason and his family about Phelan's nature to no avail. When they cross paths again at the Bistro, during which Kevin is dating Anna after their relationship is repaired, he pulls a prank on Phelan by ordering him some wine in a "kind" act of gesture — angering Phelan when he is forced by the staff to pay for his wine order.

Undeterred, Phelan manages to settle his new life in Weatherfield and continues to build his companionship with Jason — up to the point where spends most of his time at Jason's house and begins flirting with his mother, Eileen. This effectively leads to the pair bonding with one another, but Eileen's current boyfriend Michael Rodwell grows increasingly suspicious of Phelan and they quickly become enemies; with Phelan constantly antagonizing Michael in a plot to deteriorate his relationship with Eileen, who frequently berates a humiliated Michael whenever his efforts to investigate Phelan go too far. At one point, Michael confronts Phelan at Jason's yard and accuses him of stealing his chisels — which previously belonged to Jason's former boss Charlie Stubbs; however, Michael ends up having a heart attack and is confined to crutches for a couple of months after getting hospitalized. When Phelan later provokes Michael into lashing out with a crutch in front of Eileen, she promptly breaks up with Michael and throws him out of her house. Phelan uses this opportunity to seduce Eileen and they proceed to form a relationship with each other. When Anna learns about this from Izzy, she plans on visiting Eileen to warn her about Phelan. However, Phelan — anticipating this — strikes first by fabricating a story to Eileen about how Anna fancied him and they had a one-night stand, which he claims to have immediately regretted; with Phelan admitting that his marriage with Valerie was beyond passionate and further states that Anna is crying rape because the result of their one-night stand had practically ended her relationship with Owen. This works successfully as Eileen would later dismiss Anna's warning about Phelan, sticking to his story about their "flinging past". Shortly after leaving Eileen's house, Anna bumps into Phelan and the pair grapple again; with Phelan grabbing Anna's arm and taunting her before leaving, though not before making it clear that he'll be staying in Weatherfield for as long as he pleases.

As time goes on, Phelan's growing involvement with Eileen and Jason builds up a feud between him and Jason's brother: Todd — whom Gary has already warned about Phelan's nature. Whilst investigating his ulterior motives, Todd deduces that Phelan is has vandalized the Jamila House Community Centre in order to secure Jason's beneficial partnership with the Freschos supermarket; however, Phelan manages to cover his involvement by sabotaging the CCTV footage that catches him preparing to vandalize the community centre. Though unable to stop Todd's interference, Phelan continues to get close with Jason and soon acts as a father figure towards him — particularly when Eileen informs Jason that his father, Tony Stewart , has died from a heart attack. Phelan comforts Jason as he grieves over his father's death, and later comes to his defence when he gets into a fight with Aidan Connor — the boyfriend of Jason's ex-lover, Eva Price — at The Rovers; in Jason's defence, Phelan pins Aidan against a booth and threatens him before his father Johnny arrives to witness his son being throttled. When Phelan ignores his demand to release his son, Johnny punches him to save Aidan and the pair nearly brawl until they are forced to settle down; Phelan later has another run-in with Johnny and, rejecting his apology, promises to get even with him one day before leaving when Johnny's girlfriend, Jenny Bradley, intervenes.

In June 2016, Phelan hatches a plot to usurp Jason and takeover his construction company: the Builder's Yard. He first takes advantage of Jason's grievance by implicating him for the murder of his late enemy, Callum Logan — an act which leads Callum's close friend, Gemma Winter, to break up with Jason after they recently formed a relationship together. Phelan then proceeds to sabotage Jason's venture, first by stealing his newly-arrived windows from the builder's yard — which Phelan had deliberately left unlocked — and then arranging for his van to be torched under the guise that Callum's associates were behind it. The pressure soon grows too much for Jason and he decides to leave Weatherfield for a fresh start in Thailand, allowing Phelan to take control of the Builder's Yard and become Weatherfield's new landlord. With his newfound position, Phelan begins to exploit Jason's operation by increasing the pay rises from several local residents — even though Jason left Eileen to manage his organization during his absence. In the midst of rising to power at Weatherfield, Phelan ends up swindling a number of Weatherfield residents on multiple occasions; amongst these people include local newsagent Norris Cole and restaurant owner Robert Preston. On the former incident, Phelan arranges for Norris to lose a shipment of tiles for his broken roof at The Kabin Corner Shop — causing Norris to accept Phelan's "help" in getting the roof fixed at a cheaper rate. On the latter incident, Phelan impairs the Bistro's electrics at the request of Robert's successor Nick Tilsley to trick Robert into thinking that the problem should be checked by the person who installed them. Eventually, Phelan seizes an opportunity to move into Eileen's house when they learn that Todd has recently embarked on an affair with local vicar Billy Mayhew — who is currently in a relationship with Jason and Todd's adopted brother, Sean Tully. This is successful after Phelan manipulates Sean into believing that Eileen knew about Todd and Billy's affair, prompting him to move out of the house when he forces Eileen to choose either him or Todd — and she ends up choosing Todd. After moving into her house, Phelan continues to increase his relationship with Eileen; however, he finds his fueling conflict with Todd escalating at the same time — particularly when Todd pranks Phelan in the shower after finding out that his actions have caused Jason to leave Weatherfield and Sean to move out of the house respectively.

In August 2016, Phelan formulates a plan to steal Jason's £65,000 inheritance; he summons his old friend Vinny Ashford, a crooked property developer, over to Weatherfield and the two discuss their plans on launching a scam project called "Calcutta Street" — which consists on a development of non-existent flats. Their first act is to get the planning permission confirmed from the local council; to do this, Phelan negotiates with Kevin's ex-wife Sally — the recently-elected Mayor of Weatherfield — in order to gain her approval. At first she agrees with his proposition, but later considers withdrawing her support when Todd points out that the local community youth hall may get demolished as a result. Needing to acquire a building so he can put forward with extra affordable housings, Phelan manipulates cafe worker Alex Warner into using his film club for Calcutta Street's redevelopment — an act which secures Sally's consent when she promises to speak to the committee on his behalf. With all obstacles now removed, Phelan persuades Eileen to convince Jason in using his £65,000 investment for the project. In doing so, he and Vinny manage to get their planning application accepted — thus enabling them to put their scam project into fruition. However, Todd's constant interfering leads him to discover the scam himself. After rejecting his offer to be invited in working on the project, Todd reports Phelan to the police for fraud and his mother's supposed departure; however, Phelan is released due to lack of evidence and the fact that Eileen has gone on a holiday — which Vinny helped Phelan carry out in order to prevent Todd from alerting her of his discovery about the scam. When Todd once again threatens to expose their fraudulent scheme, Phelan warns him that Vinny had originally planned to kill him and Eileen because of his constant interference. He eventually convinces Todd to put their differences aside for his mother's sake, and the two subsequently work together in helping Vinny complete the scam development — though Todd makes Phelan promise that his family will be protected and refunded at all costs.

In October 2016, Phelan becomes unnerved when Eileen and Vinny start to doubt each other midway through the course of the scam; with Eileen growing concerned over the "Calcutta Street" development after learning that Vinny has not hired any contractors for the operation, and Vinny becoming enraged at Eileen for spending his £30,000 on a shipment of tiles without his consent. At first Phelan is able to medicate their differences in order to prevent Eileen from discovering the scam, but she continues to grow suspicious of Vinny and later finds out from her next-door neighbor Tyrone Dobbs that Vinny has gone to a casino. Eileen, suspecting Vinny of planning to con them, insists that Phelan takes her to confront him at the casino; he obliges, but not before calling Vinny to warn him of the situation. As it turns out, Vinny has met up with his consociate Russ to collect fake passports for himself and Phelan. When they arrive at the casino, Phelan is relieved when Vinny manages to convince Eileen that his intentions are otherwise and that Russ — addressed as "Mr. Russell" — is one of his potential buyers. In response, Eileen apologies to Vinny for disrupting his meeting and returns home with Phelan. Back at Weatherfield, Phelan berates Eileen for her interference and accuses her of not trusting him. This nearly ends their relationship, but Phelan later makes amends by cooking Eileen dinner to apologize for snapping at her. Eileen forgives Phelan and she resumes helping him out on his unsuspecting scam project, but later decides to reclaim her old job at the "Street Cars" taxi company at Phelan's insistence. Nevertheless, their relationship continues and Phelan soon proposes to Eileen; she accepts his proposal and their celebrate their engagement at the pub.

In November 2016, Michael grows concerned over the "Calcutta Street" development and concludes that Phelan has been defrauding the residents of Weatherfield over the last few months — with him and Vinny seizing all the cash deposits from several victims, including Gary's girlfriend Sarah Platt; Jenny's foster mother Rita Turner; and Zeedan's grandmother Yasmeen themselves. Michael's theory grows as Phelan attempts to con Yasmeen's ex-husband Sharif and later Alex himself, though the latter is spared when his aunt Cathy Matthews acquires him a flat that isn't amongst the "Calcutta Street" apartments. After preventing his friend Freddie Smith from getting conned by the duo in a poker game, Michael seeks Anna's help in exposing Vinny's scam so Phelan can be brought to justice. Ironically, Anna's adoptive daughter Faye had unwittingly stolen Phelan's phone and Anna — who had initially refused to help Michael in a bid to move on from Phelan — became aware of the scam herself upon discovering this. Working together against their shared enemy, Michael breaks into Vinny's yard to extract evidence whilst Anna invites Phelan in an attempt to delay him. She tries to bribe Phelan in leaving Weatherfield with £2,000 after confronting him about their differences, with Anna pointing out that he is merely just using Eileen since their relationship had began, but he rejects her offer and is just about to leave when his phone suddenly rings — causing Phelan to learn of the conspiracy. After answering the call to confirm his suspicions, Phelan leaves Anna after promising to make her regret "crossing him" before smashing her house out of anger. He then confronts Michael at the yard with a crowbar just as the latter gets hold of Phelan's fake passport. Initially calling his bluff of reporting him to the police, knowing that doing so would expose his involvement in the scam, Michael grows uneasy when Phelan makes clear of his intent to kill him. With his life in danger and unable to persuade Phelan in turning himself in, Michael throws a chair at him and flees from the yard — with Phelan in pursuit. When crossing paths again, Michael suffers a heart attack when he makes a break for it and pleads help from an unfazed Phelan. Rather than help his rival as he previously did before, however, Phelan reclaims his passport and — declaring victory in the feud between them — tells Michael that his "time is up", further linking his fate to a rabbit that Phelan had once shot with an air rifle; with Phelan subsequently watching the rabbit die as he didn't have the "bottle" to put it out its misery. Phelan then goes to clear out the mess that was left at the site office, leaving Michael for dead in the process. Anna alerts Gary to the situation and he heads down to confront Phelan, but does not notice a dying Michael succumbing to his heart attack and taking his last breath. Once all is settled, Phelan approaches Michael's corpse and silently bids him goodbye with a sign of the cross before walking away.

Phelan later alerts Vinny of what happened and, informing him about Michael's death as well as the impact he has left them on, suggests that the pair leave immediately to avoid any further suspicion. On the day of their scheduled departure from Weatherfield, however, Phelan discovers that Vinny has already left the country for Hawaii upon chatting with his next-door neighbour. Unable to contact Vinny as the number has been disconnected, Phelan calls the bank to confirm his fears that all the money from the business account has been withdrawn; he screams Vinny's name in rage upon learning of his betrayal. Phelan soon returns home to Eileen and Todd, who inform him of Michael's death. Phelan feigns shock about Michael, but secretly confides in Todd that Vinny has left with the money and gone abroad. Phelan is later questioned by the police about Michael's death and Vinny's escape, but he manages to cover his involvement on both circumstances. However, when Eileen notices the police questioning him, Phelan is forced to come clean and is promptly slapped by a furious Eileen; she then kicks him out of the house. When Todd organises a meeting with the residents involved in Calcutta Street, Phelan arrives at the last minute to take responsibility for the scam — admitting that he is solely to blame due to his association with Vinny, whereas both Eileen and Todd are completely innocent because of it. Though this leads many residents to resent him over the scam ordeal, Eileen forgives Phelan for his actions and the pair slowly reconcile to resume with their wedding plans. Towards the end of the year, Phelan learns that Anna has been sending multiple letters of complaint against him and Eileen over the scam and later threatens her. Kevin soon learns about the threat made against Anna and confronts Phelan, nearly attacking him when Phelan reacts indifferently until fellow mechanic Luke Britton intervenes to separate the pair.

Later on that night, Phelan gets struck over the head with a brick by Luke's best-friend: Andy Carver — who correctly assumes that Phelan murdered Michael, whom Andy recently had a surrogate father-son relationship with even though the pair weren't actually related. Phelan, however, survives the attack and subsequently blackmails Andy into performing a series of petty crimes under the threat of reporting him to the police and having him charged with attempted murder. After forcing Andy to steal money and later tablets from the Bistro, Phelan begins to coerce him into sabotaging Kevin's business — culminating when Andy is forced to set fire to his garage, though not before Phelan personally spikes Kevin's drink to distract the mechanic long enough for Andy to proceed with his deed. When Andy sets the garage on fire, however, he steals the laptop containing CCTV footage of Phelan and Todd talking about "Calcutta Street" and their involvement within the scam project. He soon explains this to his girlfriend, Luke's sister Steph, upon confessing to everything due to Phelan's blackmail; Steph, through angry at Andy, forgives him when she learns that Phelan threatened to harm her as well. Planning to leave for Portugal together, Steph goes along while Andy stays behind to incriminate Phelan. His attempt is halted when Phelan arrives to bid him farewell, only to discover the laptop in the room which is playing the CCTV footage video of him and Todd unknowingly incriminating themselves. Things get heated when Phelan realizes that Andy is recording their conversation about the scam and Michael, which quickly turns into a confrontation when Andy knocks Phelan out for taunting him over Michael. Rising to his feet, Phelan engages Andy in a brawl and gets the upper hand despite being pummeled multiple times. He then grabs the laptop and, recalling this story to have a different ending in contrast to "the bad guy getting his comeuppance", smashes Andy on the head with it — supposedly killing him. After sending a text to Steph from Andy's mobile phone to dump her, causing her to leave the country alone, Phelan goes on to meet Eileen at the wedding reception where they get married; with Todd and Billy present as well.

In February 2017, Phelan catches Faye and her boyfriend Seb Franklin nicking his tools from his backyard. Though Eileen wishes to report them to the police, Phelan decides to hire Seb for assistance with a kitchen job that local resident Ken Barlow has requested. They quickly bond as Phelan believes that he can teach Seb something rather than leaving him rendered as a troublesome delinquent, such as the case when Phelan catches Seb attempting to steal Ken's medal and orders him to put him back. When Seb gets arrested for attacking Faye's old classmate Jackson Hodge, the teenage father of their baby daughter Miley, she requests Phelan to take her for visits at the "Larchfield Young Offenders Institute" — where Seb is serving a couple of months sentence for Jackson's assault. This infuriates Anna, who has disapproved of her daughter's relationship with Seb ever since his arrest and has grown further stoked when Faye starts bonding with Phelan. At one point, while Faye is waiting in Phelan's red van to visit Seb at the delinquent centre, Anna steals his vehicle and drives off with her daughter. Phelan oversees this and confronts Kevin, threatening to call the police until Anna shortly returns with his red van — sparking yet another row between them when Phelan mocks Anna's parenting skills, while she warns him to stay away from Faye. As a result, Phelan refuses to take Faye with him in visiting Seb at the delinquent centre.

In March 2017, Phelan finds himself stressed with Todd recalling Michael's death on multiple occasions. Todd soon notices Phelan's attitude and, suspecting his involvement in Michael's death, begins hassling the builder whilst helping him out with his ongoing shift at Ken's house. Later on, Luke requests Phelan for help with a leaking problem that is causing trouble with the lights at his house; Phelan manages to fix the lights at Luke's house, but is on the verge of losing his temper when Todd continues to taunt his stepfather — linking the topic of spirits to both Michael's death and the murder of Luke's old house owner: Tina McIntyre, who was fatally hospitalized by her ex-lover Rob Donovan on the night Anna told Owen about what Phelan did to her in 2014. Though he continues to ignore Todd for most of the period, Phelan later becomes distressed when he ends up hearing a mysterious voice whilst plumbing at Luke's house. When he finds out that Todd has been recording him at Luke's house as part of his pranking agenda, Phelan is barely able to contain his anger and later ends up lashing out at his stepson — throttling Todd after growing further aggravated with his behavior.

By then, the impact Todd has inflicted upon Phelan has distracted him from his kitchen job at Ken's residence. They soon have a disagreement when Phelan grows frustrated with Ken's constant demands to speed up the work on his kitchen progress, and becomes outraged when Ken — accusing Phelan of dishonesty due to his knowledge of the "Calcutta Street" incident — refuses to pay him for the job. This could have been a motive for Phelan when Ken is later found unconscious at the bottom of his stairs that night, and he himself becomes a prime suspect on the police investigation along with Ken's family. He is soon taken in for questioning when Ken's son Daniel Osbourne informs the police that Phelan had never phoned an ambulance when finding his father unconscious on the night of the attack, and his sister Tracy later recalls Phelan's quarrel with their father on the day before his attack; the accusations made by Ken's children have additionally caused Todd and several residents, including Ken's close friends Audrey Roberts and Brian Packham, to believe that Phelan is the assailant. At the police station, Phelan is interrogated by DS MacKinnon — the policewoman leading the investigation on Ken's attack — and her assistant DC Hough over his fraught interaction with Ken. Afterwards, Phelan calls Todd with a desperate request of providing him an alibi. Todd initially refuses to help Phelan, reminding him of their recent altercation, but later changes his mind when he finds evidence of his stepfather's innocence; Todd's earlier recording of Phelan had captured the exact time when he was fixing Luke's house. Because of this, Phelan is eliminated from the enquirers of Ken's investigating attack and he later invites Todd for a drink in The Rovers as thanks; with the pair finally embarking on a mutual bond as they make amends with each other. Later on, Phelan visits Ken's house to inform the family of his alibi and they accept his innocence from the incident.

When Eileen returns from her holiday in April 2017, Phelan surprises her with a special gift; a car which she won in the green initiative competition, which Phelan had secretly arranged for his wife to partake in a bid to further pull the wool of her eyes in the process. Phelan gives her driving lessons, and she eventually passes her test in the next month. At this stage, Phelan has bonded with a number of Weatherfield locals; most notably with Eileen's latest house guest, Shona Ramsey — whom Billy has discovered when she got kicked out of her old home by her abusive pimp ex-boyfriend: Nathan Curtis. During one of his visits at Seb's youth detention center, Phelan notices Shona visiting a fellow young offender and later questions her about this; she claims to have been seeing her nephew "Tom" over his twoccing activities, leaving Phelan unaware that Shona has actually been visiting her son Clayton Hibbs — a convicted killer. When Phelan later hears that Clayton has been attacked in prison, he passes the information onto Gary's former adversary: Sarah's brother [David Platt]], who is pleased with the news — as Clayton has murdered David's wife, murdered wife, Kylie, back on July 2016. David's reaction leads to Eileen virtually running him over near the spot where Kylie was murdered, in the midst of Phelan testing her driving abilities. When David kicks Shona out of the house when he discovers he truth about her relation to Clayton, she once again stays at Phelan's house; with Phelan pointing out that everyone like Shona deserves a second chance, despite Todd's objections.

In June 2017, Phelan continues to build his mentorship on Seb and soon meets his social worker: Nicola Rubinstein. During their meetings over Seb's apprenticeship, Phelan apparently recognizes Nicola as her surname becomes familiar to him — which stands to reason that Phelan has some sort of history with Nicola. She eventually gets drawn into his suspicions after overhearing Phelan extract documents and photographs of her. When confronting Phelan about this, he arranges to meet with Nicola at her late parents' bench so he can explain himself. However, when Nicola doesn't turn up, he returns to find her going through his paperwork at the yard. She accuses Phelan of stalking her and threatens to get the police involved, just as Eileen then walks in to confront Phelan over her suspicions that he fancies Nicola; with Eileen having just discovered that Phelan had recently taken Nicola and Seb to Liverpool behind her back. Under the pressure of their questioning, Phelan eventually asserts to Nicola that he thinks she is his daughter — explaining that he previously had an affair with her mother, Annabel, for over a year. Though Eileen is shocked over her husband's theory, Nicola is disbelieving and initially wants nothing to do with Phelan; however, she continues interacting with him through the next month — in which Seb becomes involved in the situation after Phelan fires him for incompetence, only to later reinstate him at Nicola's urging. She soon agrees to do a DNA test, which confirms that Phelan is Nicola's biological father.

Phelan happily proceeds to bond with Nicola, even though she continues to struggle in coping with the discoveries she has made about her parents; however, Nicola eventually begins to settle with her life in Weatherfield — with Phelan's help. They continue to expand their father-daughter relationship in August 2017, during which Nicola moves into her father's house and ends up learning about the "Calcutta Street" incident from Yasmeen; however, she comforts Phelan and supports him after hearing how much he has worked in trying to rebuild both his venture and the local community's trust. Phelan continues to impress Nicola when he acquires a flat for her near Weatherfield, and later comforts his daughter after she breaks up with her boyfriend: Scott — a local policeman whom Phelan had recently helped convert an old house into a youth centre. At this stage, their growing father-daughter relationship soon begins to appeal with Phelan's nature when he finds Michael's ex-wife Gail mourning his death. Phelan, apparently divulged into guilt over his role behind Michael's death, goes to a catholic Church and nearly reveals the truth to the priest inside the confessional booth; however, he changes his mind at the last second and leaves — though not before admitting "There's something that I've done..... something that I'm still doing".

It is soon revealed in mid-August 2017 that Phelan never killed Andy, but has instead chained him up in the cellar of an abandoned property and kept him captive since their last confrontation on Phelan's wedding day; this explains Phelan's admission during his church visit, as well as the number of times that he has been skulking behind his wife's back — including the reason behind a black eye he caught a couple of months ago. Since keeping Andy captive for eight months, Phelan has psychologically tormented him through near-death experiences and torture; with Phelan forcibly restraining Andy when he attempts to strange his captor in a failed attempt to escape at one point, and later nearly executing him with a shovel when Andy feels unwell following the incident in another stage. Phelan initially contemplates leaving Andy to die, but has a change of heart after overhearing Nicola telling Billy how appreciated she feels towards him since the DNA test; Phelan acquires some antibiotics from Eileen's best friend Liz McDonald at the dentist, feigning a tooth ache to cover up his secret, before delivering them to Andy — saving his life in the process. When Liz informs Eileen about Phelan's visit at the dentist, she confronts him at the house just as Phelan is checking up on Andy's condition. Eileen nearly discovers Phelan's secret, but he manages to stall her — surprisingly with Andy's help; Eileen takes the bait when Phelan claims that he is working on getting them a new home using the abandoned property. In apparent gratitude for not blowing his secret, Phelan decides to let Andy go free and arranges for him to get out of the country for a new life in France. On the way to the airport, Phelan crashes his van and is seemingly left unconscious. At first Andy calls an ambulance, but quickly uses this opportunity to make a break for it. However, Phelan awakens and catches up to Andy before telling him that his promised "freedom" was actually a test of demonstrating his loyalty. Phelan then recaptures Andy by knocking him out before taking his prisoner back to the warehouse, where Eileen confronts him once more with Nicola's help — as the pair have found themselves deceived by Phelan into thinking that he had left town for a job at Inverness. After managing to cover-up his reasons once again, Phelan brings Andy back to the cellar and tells him that he will be staying there until he comes up with a better solution on how to truly solve the ongoing problem between them.

Towards the end of September 2017, Phelan becomes unsettled when Daniel begins to use the "Calcutta Street" incident for his latest journalism idea and soon ends up questioning a number of residents — including Tyrone's wife Fiz Brown and even Anna herself — about their theories on the scam. This evidently builds up a conflict between the pair when Phelan confronts Daniel at his flat; with Daniel making it clear that he intends to expose his involvement behind the scam, prompting Phelan to warn Daniel that he will "hurt him" should he continue to peruse with his newspaper article project. Ignoring Phelan's threat, Daniel resumes his investigation until Phelan ends up catching him in a passionate position with his boss: Cindy Watson. Their "interaction" allows Phelan to obstruct Daniel's trail before gathering information on Cindy, culminating when he finds out that she is married. He then proceeds to entrap Daniel and Cindy at the Bistro, where her husband Ross walks in on them; Ross threatens Daniel to stay away from his wife before ordering Cindy to leave with him, thus causing Daniel to stop investigating the story any further.

However, Daniel's curiosity leads Phelan to Vinny's mother: Flora McArdle. It transpires that Vinny's real name is Harvey McArdle, and Phelan begins to contact Vinny from Flora's care home in order to get his money back and exact revenge on Vinny for his betrayal. Upon blackmailing Vinny in returning to Weatherfield, Phelan informs Andy that Vinny will be his replacement prisoner once the latter has been captured; Andy had earlier made an initially-rejected bargain with Phelan that he would acquire another prisoner, who Andy would then keep hostage if Phelan were to let him go. After surviving an assassination attempt, Phelan surprises Vinny when he arrives to save Flora the next day. Phelan punches Vinny before giving him an ultimatum; either Vinny delivers the money within, or Phelan would kill Flora to show the pair what he's truly capable of doing. Vinny complies and manages to deliver the money to Phelan, but is then knocked out when Phelan appears to take him in seeing his mother; Phelan assures Vinny that his mother is safe — before telling the latter the opposite for his case. Phelan then takes the captured Vinny to meet Andy, whom he had earlier manipulated into believing that Vinny had killed Michael. When Vinny awakens and vows to kill his ex-cohort, Phelan secretly instructs Andy to kill Vinny in order to secure his freedom. Andy becomes extremely hesitant, but is unable to change Phelan's insistence. After knocking Vinny unconscious, Phelan takes him and Andy to an abandoned warehouse for Vinny's execution. There, Vinny jumps on Phelan; however, Andy untimely warns his captor — allowing Phelan to brutally subdue Vinny before forcing Andy to drag his body into the warehouse. Phelan then gives Andy a gun, which Phelan had secretly acquired earlier on to carry out his plot against Vinny, and begins to pressure his captive in fulling his deed by fabricating a story about Michel's death — professing how Vinny told him that he relished in watching Michael die rather than finishing him off. Vinny slowly regains consciousness, but it's too late as Andy ultimately gives in and shoots at his fellow prisoner — killing Vinny in front of Phelan. A guilt-ridden Andy proceeds to turn the gun on Phelan, who manages to reclaim the weapon after talking his captive out of it. However, rather than letting Andy go as promised, Phelan instead turns the gun on him and — ignoring his desperate appeals that he isn't a murderer — pulls the trigger on Andy, killing him. He "apologizes" to Andy for granting him death, but states that he wouldn't have been able to live with himself for murdering Vinny. After reciting a prayer at the corpses, Phelan dumps the bodies in a nearby lake before returning to Eileen. They later went on a holiday together for a couple of weeks, but upon returning learn that their new house — where Phelan had kept Andy captive — was involved in an arson attack; it soon turns out that Phelan had discreetly organized the arson attack by bribing two hooligans to burn the house down. Using the money that he forced Vinny to deliver prior to killing him, Phelan takes the opportunity to repay all the Calcutta Street victims — creating goodwill in the Weatherfield community, and thus cheering up Eillen as she was saddened over the arson attack.

It was at this point, however, that Nicola had learned about her father's past with Anna when they were both called into hospital after Seb had been involved in a ladder accident — with Anna finding him and calling ambulance. As they waited for Seb's recovery that night, Anna struck a conversation with Nicola before eventually describing the events with her father from 2014; with Anna explaining how Phelan blackmailed her into sleeping with him after tormenting Gary and Owen. This prompted Nicola into visiting her mother's old friend Lydia Hartman the next day, seeking out answers on Phelan's nature; with Nicola having noticed Lydia's horrific reaction at seeing an image of Phelan on her phone from the last time she recently visited at her house. Nicola learns that the last time Lydia saw Phelan was on the night he had a fight with Annabel's lover Issac, and on the following day Annabel had told Lydia that Phelan had forced himself onto her. When Nicola demands to know the truth behind her origins, she is horrified when Lydia reveals that was told by Annabel that Phelan had forced himself onto her — causing Nicola to realize that Phelan had actually raped her mother, in contrast to his original claim of having an affair with Annabel, just nine months before she herself was born. An enraged Nicola summoned Phelan to her late parents' bench park, whereupon she confronts him for the allegations made by Anna and Lydia. He unsuccessfully attempts to assuage her suspicions by proclaiming his love for her mother, stating that Annabel wanted to save her marriage to Isaac — precisely relating to Anna's story. This escalates into an argument when Phelan argues that Anna is to blame for her ordeal, only for Nicola to brand him a rapist upon realizing that Anna and Lydia were both telling the truth about him; Phelan overreacts when Nicola ends up calling him evil and pleads with her to believe his theories, but she refuses and angrily disowns him in response. Though she initially plans to tell Eileen the truth about him, Nicola instead decides to leave Weatherfield — at Anna's suggestion to avoid Phelan.

Upon learning that Anna had exposed their past to Nicola behind his back, Phelan hatches a spiteful plot to frame her for Seb's ladder accident in an act of revenge. His scheme indirectly comes to fruition after Phelan seizes Anna's earring from an earlier altercation between then — in which he taunted her over Kevin's recent affair with Erica Holroyd and Katy's coincidental death from a road collision; Katy previously left Weatherfield with her son Joseph to be with her mother Linda Hancock in Portugal after failing to help Owen overcome his ordeal with Phelan, which partly led to Owen's departure from Weatherfield after his relationship with Anna ended, and her resulting death leads to Joseph staying with his father and Fiz's brother Chesney — next-door to Phelan's house. Phelan first executes his revenge plan on Anna by infiltrating Todd's workplace at the "Barlow Legal Service" — where Seb fell off his ladder — and then tricking his personal assistant, Kevin's older daughter Rosie, into believing that Todd has sent him to collect his guide book from the building; Rosie's negligence allows Phelan to secretly plant Anna's earring at Todd's office. Afterwards, he visits Seb at the hospital and whispers into his ear that Anna wanted him dead — causing him to believe that she pushed him off the ladder. Because of Seb's misinterpretation and the earring's discovery, Anna is arrested when she is accused of the crime; though she is released without charge and quickly discovers Phelan's scheme. When she confronts him over his plan to set her up for Seb's accident, Phelan reveals to Anna that Gary got Nicola pregnant — following a recent one-night stand between them — and threatens to secure her imprisonment unless she and Gary have Nicola return to Weatherfield. Anna seemingly complies with Phelan's ultimatum, but later attempts to extract a confession from him after hearing the news that he repaid all the "Calcutta Street" victims. She invites Phelan over to her house for a drink under the guise of putting their differences aside; however, he smells a rat when she questions his motives of framing her and cunningly denies his involvement behind Seb's accident — leading a furious Anna to throw him out after her plan has failed. Unable to blackmail Anna in bringing Nicola back to Weatherfield, Phelan visits Seb that night and proceeds to manipulate him into believing that she pushed him off the ladder; Anna is subsequently arrested once more, and she ends up being remanded in custody until her trial starts at January 2018.

In December 2017, Phelan hires a private investigator to track down his daughter in Manchester and proceeds to have Gary visit Nicola in an attempt to convince her to return to Weatherfield — threatening to expose their one-night stand to Sarah otherwise. Gary seemingly complies, but secretly advises Nicola to leave the country so she could escape Phelan for good; in response, Phelan turns Faye and Seb against Gary by manipulating the pair in moving to his house. This enrages Gary, who thereafter tells Faye about Phelan raping their mother. At first Faye misinterprets the belief that her mother's motive of sleeping with Phelan was for money, but she soon confronts him when the pair learn that Anna has escaped prison in the midst of being rushed to hospital — with Faye catching Phelan's delightful reaction to hearing the news of her mother's situation. Phelan tries to avoid answering Faye's question about his past with Anna, but is unable to contain the pressure from Faye's questioning and inadvertently frightens her out of the house after calling her mother a "waste of space". Faye thereupon moves back with Gary after realizing the troubles that Phelan inflicted upon their family, and they manage to secretly bring their mother back to Weatherfield undetected; with Faye's friend Craig Tinker, an adolescent special constable, providing reluctant assistance on the Windass' behalf.

After reuniting with her children and taking refugee at her workplace, "Roy's Rolls", Anna decides to prove her innocence by infiltrating Phelan's yard and then investigating his scheme against her. Gary accompanies his mother with the plan and manages to get Phelan out of the yard by tricking him into believing that Nicola has been rushed to hospital. Anna sneaks into the yard unnoticed while Gary leads Phelan away from Weatherfield. While attempting to gain progress in uncovering Phelan's strategy, Anna hears someone entering into the yard and — believing the person to be Phelan — ends up lashing out with a bolt cutter; however, she is mortified to find that she knocked out Eileen instead. Horrified at what she has done, Anna rushes out of the yard to plan a getaway escape with Faye. In the meantime, Phelan has realized that Nicola never called in sick and abandons Gary at the hospital when he attempts to further lead his enemy astray. Upon arriving back at the yard, Phelan finds Anna just as she returned to check up on Eileen and she flees to make her getaway escape; Phelan proceeds to call an ambulance for Eileen and the police on Anna, which results in the latter getting rearrested after she and Faye are unable to make their getaway escape. When Phelan later visits her and threatens her family in his promise to exact further revenge on Eileen's mistaken attack, she lashes out and slaps him across the face — provoking him into pressing charges for assault.

In early January 2018, on the verge of Anna's trial starting, Phelan finds himself pressured with Luke studying the events of Andy's disappearance from one of his wire houses — which Eileen had founded from the burned warehouse where Phelan had kept Andy captive; the wire house was given to Rosie's sister Sophie, who then gave it to Luke when he recalled how Andy always liked making wire houses. Phelan resorts to obstructing Luke's investigation on Andy and starts by giving him a false address of Andy's location in Birmingham, causing Luke to be sent on a while goose chase until he returns with no new leads. When Luke resumes with his quest to uncover Andy's whereabouts, Phelan bribes his childhood friend Matt Luscombe into letting Luke believe that Andy had left Weatherfield for Bristol. However, Luke soon realizes that something is up after catching Phelan and Matt discussing their agreement at a restaurant. After forcing an explanation from Matt, who truthfully states that he has no idea of where Andy is. Luke heads over to confront Phelan at the site near the same warehouse where Andy was murdered. At first Phelan attempts to deceive Luke into believing that Andy is playing him for a fool, reminding him how Andy once tricked Michael into believing that he was his real son Gavin, but ends up escalating Luke's curiosity when he realizes that Phelan is avoiding all his questions. As their conversation slowly becomes argumentative, Luke suspects that Phelan is hiding something from him and decides to report Andy as a missing person to the police. Phelan, realizing that Luke is getting too close to the truth about Andy, sneaks up behind him and smacks Luke on the head with a rock; however, Luke fights back and knocks Phelan onto the ground before retreating in his car. Phelan pursues Luke in the van and, after a spectacular car chase between them, manages to crash his car into a wall, totaling it and injuring Luke. Knowing that he could expose his secret about Andy's fate, Phelan shoots Luke as the young mechanic desperately attempts to escape out of his car and proceeds to fire two gunshots at it's petrol tank — causing the vehicle to instantaneously explode, destroying it killing Luke in the process; in his last moments, Luke learned the truth about Andy when Phelan indirectly revealed his fate.

The next morning, Phelan feigns surprise when the residents find out about Luke's death after the police turn up at the street to inform the devastating news to his girlfriend: Yasmeen's granddaughter Alya. However, she assumes that the culprits are her former racist clients: "The Parker Brothers" — whom Luke had recently attacked for insulting Alya before getting arrested and later charged for their assault on New Year's Day 2018. With this theory, the truth about Luke's murder is undiscovered and Phelan proceeds to cover-up his involvement by leading the local residents to clap on Alya's behalf when she makes a public statement to the press about Luke — explaining how he defended her from the "Parker Brothers" before they burned down his garage in retaliation for their assault; the "Parker Brothers" are later arrested for Luke's murder, but ends up getting released without charge — which further convinces the Weatherfield residents of their guilt. On the day of Luke's funeral, Phelan grows unnerved when Steph reappears at Weatherfield to deliver an eulogy for her brother. He later attempts to offer his sympathies over her brother's death, but is brushed off when Steph makes it clear that she already knows about Andy's ordeal. When Steph becomes determined to stay in Weatherfield once more, Gary seeks her help in his campaign against Phelan and the two plan on meeting each other in secret; with Steph intending to divulge Andy's ordeal to Gary. However, Phelan strikes first when he corners Steph at the garage and tricks her into believing that he wishes to send a personal message to Andy in Portugal — causing Steph to believe that Phelan has unfinished business with Andy, despite admitting to have no clue of his whereabouts. This succeeds in driving Steph out of Weatherfield again when she later leaves the street for Portugal, much to Gary's disappointment.

Although most the residents are unaware of Phelan's involvement behind Luke's murder, Seb grows increasingly suspicious with the rumors that Luke was gunned down and starts to assume that Phelan is the culprit — having recalled the night Phelan had showed him the gun prior to Luke's death; after learning that Gary was due to work at Legacy Reach Paper Mill — the place where Andy and Vinny died — Phelan took an opportunity to incriminate Seb for their murders by deceiving his apprentice in touching the gun, which Phelan professes is to protect Eileen from Vinny after claiming to have received constant death threats over the scam incident. On the night of Luke's vigil, Phelan catches Seb sneaking through his tool box and confronts him over his suspicious attitude. Seb nervously claims to have searched for a bottle of whisky from their earlier drink-off, which Phelan had conducted on the night he carried out his plan to frame Seb for the killings, but is forced to come clean about his anxiety regarding the circumstances behind Luke's death. To Seb's shock, Phelan reminds him that his fingerprints have already been imprinted onto the gun — causing his apprentice to realize that Phelan was the one who murdered Luke. Fearing that Phelan may kill him next, Seb leaves his house and goes to stay with his mother: Abi, a struggling drug addict who recently lost custody of her Seb's twins Charlie and Lexi back on October 2017. Phelan bribes Abi for information on Seb's whereabouts, intending to use him for his ongoing scheme against Anna. However, Gary manages to find Seb first and reports Phelan to the police after learning that he killed Luke — only for Phelan to end up getting released without charge due to the lack of evidence. When Seb learns about Phelan's release, he attempts to leave Weatherfield and even refuses to help Gary prove his mother's innocence; in response, Gary forces Seb into a taxi with help from Faye's biological father Tim Metcalfe and the pair urge him to do the right thing for Anna.

On the day of Anna's trial, Phelan testifies against her by recounting the time she slapped Seb across the face mere moments before his ladder accident occurred. He then expects his apprentice to confirm his theory when Seb is called up next; to his surprise, however, Seb betrays Phelan by changing his statement and confirming Anna's story — pointing Phelan as the perpetrator behind the incident, in front of the court. This apparently helps with Anna's case when Eileen starts to doubt her viewpoint on Phelan, up to the point when she secretly visits Anna in person to question her about his activities; Phelan moves out of the house to stay with Billy after learning about this from Eileen. As the trial continues, with Anna's longtime friend Roy Cropper and Tim each giving their statements on her behalf, Eileen ends up uncovering CCTV footage of Gary and Tim accosting Seb in the taxi — causing her to believe that they coerced him in conspiring with Anna against her husband by retracting his story; she promptly delivers the evidence to court, thus destroying Seb's testimony and reconciling with Phelan. When Anna is called up to proclaim her innocence, she openly describes Phelan as the "monster" he truly is by disclosing her ordeal throughout their conflict — as well as blurting out what he did to Owen and Michael. Unfortunately, she fails to rebuild her case and Phelan becomes satisfied when Anna is later found guilty by the jury on GBH — thanks to Eileen's evidence. Anna, distraught with the verdict, hysterically brands Phelan "pure evil" as she gets dragged out of court, all the while Phelan takes the opportunity to gloat in front of her family and the rest of the court — without Eileen's presence, as she had already left the court once the verdict had been announced; Anna is later sentenced to five years imprisonment off-screen.

On the day of Anna's sentencing, Phelan becomes surprised when Nicola turns up at the builders yard — seeking forgiveness for the previous accusations she made against him. Phelan forgives Nicola and the pair seemingly move on from the past, much to Gary's anger. He instantly confronts them at the yard, where Nicola defends Phelan against Gary and requests the latter to move on so they can "build bridges" in the future. While Phelan is happy to have his daughter back at his side once more, it soon turns out that Nicola is actually using this in a plot to bring him down; she later invites Gary over to her place, where he finds out that Seb has taken refugee there since the trial's aftermath and told Nicola about what Phelan did to Anna and Luke. Initially skeptical, Gary reluctantly agrees to go through with her plan on investigating Phelan's crimes by seeking a job at the Legacy Paper Mill Reach — where Phelan has just secured his position as the site project's foreman after beating fellow designer Bill Thornhill for the job; Phelan had contacted his associate George to uncover Thornhill's dodgy dealings, thus ousting Bill from the project in the process. Despite his reluctance, Phelan hesitantly employs Gary at Nicola's request to allow him to personally raise money for his impending child — with Nicola further stating that she will benefit for the child's upcoming future. However, he takes delight in tormenting Gary once more and later provokes him in the Rovers; with Phelan taunting Gary over the recent-grooming of Sarah's daughter Bethany back in 2017, and Tim being forced to separate Gary when he snaps and lunges at Phelan in response to this. Gary soon manages to build some progress on Phelan when his boss Mona Beattie announces that the mill's lake is scheduled to be drained — leaving Phelan worried that Andy and Vinny's corpses will be found out.

In February 2018, Phelan begins to intercept Gary's campaign when he catches Faye visiting Nicola's flat; with Faye having received directions from Eileen's fellow co-worker: Liz's son Steve. There, he follows Faye into the flat and disbelieves her claims that she is seeking Nicola's help with school bullying caused by her mother's imprisonment. Nicola, determined to prevent Phelan from finding Seb, feigns illness and he rushes her to hospital — where the pair learn that Nicola will be producing a baby boy. Phelan is delight with the fact of becoming a granddad to Nicola's child, but continues to grow suspicions when he spots someone inside her flat shortly after dropping his daughter off. This prompts Phelan to slash Nicola's keys to her apartment, where he infiltrates the building and finds Seb lounging around in her flat. Phelan proceeds to fire Gary from the mill site job, shortly before the pair are rushed over to hospital when Nicola collapses from her baby's kicking — though not while managing to make amends with Sarah after the discovery of her one-night stand with Gary. Though relieved that both Nicola and her unborn child are unharmed, Phelan confronts his daughter over her conspiracy and is devastated when she admits to believing Seb over his theory about Luke. Heartbroken at her daughter's betrayal, Phelan disowns Nicola before storming out in tears. He later explains the situation to Eileen and, telling her that she is the only person he trusts to "keep him going", states that Nicola can "go to hell" along with Gary and Seb.

Phelan manages to cope with Nicola's betrayal by supporting Eileen when they learn that Todd has been arrested for assaulting a policeman during an attempt to flee Weatherfield with his adopted daughter, Summer Spellman, on Christmas Eve 2017. The couple subsequently take Summer to live with them when Billy becomes addicted to heroin, after reacquainting with his junkie brother Lee, in his desperate bid to subsist himself with the previous death of Ken's late daughter: Susan, who died from a road collision — which Billy has indirectly caused — back in February 2001. After rescuing Summer from being abducted by a stalking pedophile at her school, Phelan supports her when she confines to him about feeling responsible for the situation Eileen and Todd have been put through over Billy's ongoing troubles — including an incident with Susan's twin-sister Peter on Christmas Day 2017, which ended with the vicar getting injured and ending up being virtually paralyzed as a result. When Summer's homophobic grandmother Geraldine turns up at the house to regain custody of her granddaughter, Eileen stands up to her in Billy and Todd's honor before chucking Geraldine out of the house — much to Summer's relief and gratefulness; Summer later thanks the couple for their help in dealing with Geraldine, much to Phelan's gratification.

Following Anna's imprisonment, Phelan begins to turn Eileen against her friends in order to continue retaining their marriage with his wife's eternal trust over him — which starts to diminish her friendships with Liz and Tim in the process. On both occasions, he enrolls a conflict with Liz and Tim respectively; with Liz becoming offended after Phelan impolitely rejects her idea of talking Eileen for a holiday in Barcelona, while Tim grows resentful towards Phelan for his treatment on Anna and even contemplates leaving Weatherfield with Faye as their quarrel begins to deteriorate Tim's marriage to Sally. Upon realizing this, Eileen organizes a house party for Phelan and invites most of her friends to "know his character" — with Liz's fellow friend Moira Pollock and Tim's sister-in-law Gina Seddon being amongst the attendees. However, she is left dissapointed when her husband doesn't show up at the event; it turns out that Phelan's party is on the same day that the mill project's lake will be drained, prompting him to make a desperate attempt in relocating Andy and Vinny someplace else. As Phelan works in cementing their corpses that night, his phone drops in the cement and he ends up falling himself whilst attempting to retrieve it. Phelan is left virtually unconscious, but is saved when Eileen discovers him and phones an ambulance — with Tim's reluctant help. The following day, Phelan goes over to meet Tim in his taxi with a thank you card in gratitude for helping Eileen with the rescue. Tim nonetheless rejects his card and instead begins to call out Phelan on his nefarious activities. Though he denies causing the deaths of Michael and Luke, as well Anna's wrongful conviction, Phelan gleefully reveals the truth about "Calcutta Street" — admitting that the project was indeed a scam and that he had been ripping the residents off in the first place. Phelan then leaves the taxi and heads back home, unaware that Tim had actually been recording his confession to Eileen as she listened through — causing her to finally learn the truth about "Calcutta Street". She instantly confronts Phelan for using Jason's inheritance to rip off her neighbors and getting Todd involved in the scam, further concluding that Michael and Anna had been telling the truth about Phelan regarding the "Calcutta Street" incident all along; Phelan is unable to victimize himself behind the crime, even when he points out that Vinny had ripped them off afterwards. Eileen later contemplates on reporting her husband to the police, but changes her mind at the last second when Phelan manages to win her over again by helping her out with Summer's ongoing situation with Billy; when the vicar's growing addiction leads him to steal Eileen's money and get Summer into trouble at school, a result which strains her friendships with Ken's grandchildren Amy and Simon in the process, Phelan confronts Billy and coerces to go to rehabilitate his addiction by physically attacking him — before threatening to "come for him" should he "fail" Eileen once more.

Towards the end of March 2018, Phelan stages a getaway plan to escape Weatherfield — knowing that Tim's recording evidence of his scam confession could potentially expose his other crimes as well. He forges a holiday trip with Eileen for the coming Easter and she agrees after Phelan tricks Summer in persuading his wife to go ahead with his plans, as Eileen had initially became uninterested with the idea; the couple leave Weatherfield for the holiday after dropping Summer off for a sleepover with local shopkeeper Dev Alahan and his children, Aadi and Asha, at their house. As Phelan puts his escape plan into motion, Gary and Seb seek out the gun that he used to kill Luke near the site manager's office. In doing so, however, they end up unearthing the bodies of Andy and Vinny's instead; Gary and Seb are formerly arrested for the murders, but are quickly proven innocent when they learn about the bodies and explain the situation to their lawyer: Ken's grandson Adam — who subsequently phones Tim about this. Tim promptly calls Eileen to warn her about the bodies at Phelan's worksite, exposing his murderous crimes in front of everyone at The Rovers in the process; Peter, who had been hosting a party to celebrate becoming the pub's new landlord with help from both his girlfriend Toyah Battersby and her sister Leanne, calls off the party in response to Tim's phone call; while Steve disrupts his mother's date with his old school teacher, Mike Thornberry, to inform Liz of the revelation and Eileen's endangerment. At the same time, Phelan learns of the bodies' discovery and plans to leave the country on boat — becoming distant from Eileen in the process. They soon row when Eileen catches Phelan on the boat and becomes angry as to why he needs some privacy from her during their holiday, culminating with Eileen hurting her foot and Phelan halting his escape plan to aid his wife. Phelan later phones a taxi for Eileen to return to Weatherfield, as she couldn't drive back home after losing his van keys from the ensuing argument. They bid goodbye to each and starts to go separate ways, until Phelan realizing that Eileen has the boat keys and heads back to find her listening to Tim's voice message — thus confirming everyone's theory about him.

When she confronts her husband about the bodies that he buried at the worksite, Phelan — realizing that he has been exposed at last — chucks his wife's phone into the river and proceeds to enumerate the four deaths that he caused; with a horrified Eileen finally learning the truth about how both Michael and Luke died, as well as discovering what he husband did to Andy and Vinny. After confessing to his killings, Phelan protests his wife's claims that he is incapable of love and insistently tells Eileen that he really does love her — recalling how they ended up becoming a potential family together as their relationship went on; with Phelan further stating that he once saved her and Todd when Vinny had planned to kill them during the "Calcutta Street" incident, before going on to explain how they convinced Nicola to keep her baby for it's eventual birth. Outraged at the full extend of his crimes and the fact that Anna had been right about him all along, Eileen furiously brands Phelan a "murderer" and "rapist" before going on to berate him for destroying her life — along with the lives of Todd and Anna. When she threatens to drop his getaway keys into the water, Phelan snaps and charges at her — only to end up falling over the edge. However, he manages to hang onto a rope and desperately begs Eileen for help as he struggles to make it up to safety — going as far as to claim that he knows where Todd is and, professing that he is in danger, would die if she doesn't help him up. This ultimately proves to be the last straw for Eileen, who responds by angrily stamping on her husband's fingers whilst repeatedly calling him a "liar"; Phelan eventually loses his grip and ends up falling into the rough sea below. Shortly afterwards, Eileen is safety recovered by Tim and Liz before the arriving police start searching for Phelan's body — with Phelan being presumed dead following his showdown with Eileen.

At the start of April 2018, Phelan's crimes are finally exposed when the police descend onto Weatherfield and interview most of the residents about his killings; with Gail learning the truth about Michael; while Tim informs Alya and her family that Phelan murdered Luke. By the time the bodies of Andy and Vinny have been revealed and subsequently identified, their fates end up becoming public knowledge as well — with Daniel telling Flora about Vinny when she finds out about his death, while Robert organizes a funeral for Andy upon hearing what Phelan had done to him. Meanwhile, Eileen spends a night at the police station when she gets arrested for abetting her husband in his criminal activities and is later interrogated by detectives DS Keith Willetts and DC Leslie about her knowledge of Phelan's crimes — more specifically about the scam and Andy's captivity. Eileen's ordeal apparently comes to an end with the police eventually release her without charge, thanks to the assistance of her lawyer and Adam's fellow colleague: Yasmeen's grandson-in-law Imran Habeeb. However, as Eileen begins to slowly recover from her recent trauma and move on ahead with her own life, she is left unaware that Phelan has actually survived the fall and is nursing his way back to health at Mrs Gillen's bedsit in Ireland — having checked in under the alias on his false passport, "Alan Frost". Upon watching several residents including Eileen and Nicola speak out for Anna's release, which Daniel has organized in his campaign to free her, Phelan checks out of the hotel and plans his return to settle old scores.

In May 2018, Phelan takes refugee at a caravan park in Abergele — where he uses a false identity on a mother's social group to keep in contact with an oblivious Nicola. Towards the end of the month, Gary becomes suspicious with her mysterious contact and quickly finds out that it was Phelan after tracking down his location in Wales — with help from his army friend, Joe Haslam. Intending to finish him for good, Gary attacks Phelan with a bat; however, he is quickly subdued and is on the verge of getting killed when Joe intervenes, knocking out Phelan with a rock. The pair brought Phelan back to Weatherfield and held him captive in the builder's yard, where Gary had planned to get revenge on him for what he did to his family. As Joe left Gary to proceed with his plan, however, Sarah confronted him and ended up discovering Phelan's captivity. As Sarah argued with Gary when he refuses to get the police involved about his return, Phelan is discovered by Kevin's young son Jack — whom he previously helped rescue Anna back on New Year's Day 2017 — and he attempts to bribe the youngster with a tender into setting him free. Jack nearly takes Phelan's bait until Gary and Sarah arrived back in the room; the couple manage to talk Jack out of freeing Phelan before sending him away, with the promise that he never saw Phelan. Once Jack has gone, Phelan taunts Gary with constant remarks about his mother that caused the latter to brutally hit his enemy with a plank of wood. When Sarah once again tries to convince Gary into calling the police, Phelan manages to free himself — thanks to Jack's earlier help — and attacks Gary with a chair. He then locked the builder's yard gate, retrieved his firearm, and forced the couple back into the garage. Holding them at gunpoint, Phelan orders Sarah to contact Nicola with Gary's phone and request that she come to the yard. Sarah instead calls Tim, not knowing that she is actually speaking to Kevin on the phone, to trick Phelan into thinking that she called Nicola; however, Phelan deduces this when Nicola doesn't turn up and he forces Gary to relinquish the code access on his phone — threatening to harm Sarah otherwise. After firing his unloaded gun at Sarah when she confirms his suspicions out of fear, Phelan locks her and Gary in the yard. He then makes his way discreetly over to Eileen's house, where she and Seb are looking after Nicola and Zac — who was merely born just moments ago. After tricking Nicola into telling him in, Phelan forces his way into the house where he meets Zac and spitefully tells Eileen that their "marriage" meant nothing — stating that it was all part of his original plan to cover-up his crimes. When Nicola attempts to prevent her father from coming near Zac, he threatens to shoot her. However, Seb secretly comes down the stairs and attacks Phelan with a screwdriver. Despite the efforts of the three attempting to subdue Phelan, he overpowers them — knocking out Eileen and Seb, but unintentionally shooting Nicola in the process.

Feeling guilty for shooting his own daughter, Phelan storms into the bistro — interrupting Robert's wedding to his co-partner, Michelle Connor — with Nicola in his arms, begging for help. He instigates a siege and holds the couple along with their wedding guests, including Roy and Daniel, at gunpoint; amongst the hostages include Roy's friend Mary Taylor, Daniel's girlfriend Sinead Tinker, Jenny and her stepdaughter Kate, Zeedan's ex-wife Rana, and Michelle's two sons Ali Neeson and Ryan as well as her two sister-in-laws Maria and Carla — the latter of whom Phelan had previously helped save on the night he returned to Weatherfield back in January 2016, two years ago. At first Phelan refuses to let the guests call an ambulance, instead ordering Roy to confiscate everyone's phones before telling Ali — a trainee general practitioner — to save Nicola under the threat of shooting his mother. However, as the sirens emerge onto the Bistro outside, Phelan relents and agrees to an ambulance for Nicola — whom he then apologizes to for everything he has put her through and solemnly gives her a goodbye kiss. After making Ali promise to save Nicola, with Maria and Rana stepping in to help out as well, Phelan requests for a hostage and insists on taking Michelle — despite both Carla and Roy offer to be taken captive themselves. Robert pleads with Phelan being taken captive instead, but Phelan refuses and threatens to kill the wedded couple after cloaking his gun; Michelle quickly relents in her soon-to-be-husband's defense, and Phelan forces Robert and the others into a corner under the threat of shooting his bribe-to-be should anyone follow them. Phelan drags Michelle into the kitchen and is on the verge of escaping when he turns to find Anna waiting for him; Daniel's campaign had been successful, leading to Anna being released since then, and she had secretly returned to Weatherfield after Gary had informed her of Phelan's comeback — which led to the kidnapping that Gary carried out at his mother's original plan to get Phelan to admit his wrongdoings before taking him to the police, only for Sarah's earlier interference to bring these events up to the Bistro siege as a result. With Phelan surprised to come face-to-face with Anna once again, Michelle uses this opportunity to manage herself in escaping his grasp; however, Phelan shoves Michelle away and shoots her in response. Anna then charges at Phelan with a knife and, just as he turns to shoot her, quickly stabs him in the chest — finally stopping Phelan as he drops his gun and slumps onto the floor in pain.

Robert thereupon bursts into the kitchen with Ali and Carla, before all three promptly rush over to Michelle for medical treatment. In that moment, Phelan pulls the knife from his chest — ignoring Ali's objections — in a last-ditch effort to get one over Anna by implicating her for his murder, despite knowing that he is going to die as a result. However, Michelle defends Anna upon saying the attack was self-defence and that she'll be willing to take the risk for her — as well as for Luke and Andy in retaliation for their murders. Anna then approaches her dying tormentor and, taunting Phelan over the fact that people like him don't get victory in the end, tells him that Zac will never remember his existence. After declaring that she won the longstanding conflict between them, Anna watches as Phelan does a light chuckle with his last breath — indicating, in his theory, that nobody has won in this scenario — before he succumbs to his stabbing and dies in front of her. Shortly afterwards, Michelle and Nicola are rushed to hospital — where the pair would end up recovering from their gunshot wounds — while Anna, after freeing Gary and Sarah from Phelan's captivity, meets Zac for the first time whilst reuniting with her family. She then informs Eileen of her husband's death, which is publicly rumored to be a suicide thanks to Anna and Michelle's cover-up, and the pair make amends with each other before resolving to move on from Phelan together; Anna, however, makes a decision to leave Weatherfield so she can move on from her past. A deceased Phelan is last seen when the residents of Coronation Street observe as his body is brought out and put in the private ambulance, signalling the end of his reign of terror once and for all.


Following Phelan's death, Nicola moved out of Weatherfield with Zac to start anew with her life and forget about her father's nefariousness; Eileen joined them initially, but later returned a few months later after nursing herself back from her trauma with Phelan. She spent the rest of the year forgetting about Phelan, until at one point in November 201 when Seb uncovered over £5,000 cash from under her kitchen sink — which the pair guessed was part of Phelan's dodgy scams, most arguably the Calcutta Street project. Despite her reservations, Eileen decided to spend the money on her holiday day with Liz and Sean — leaving Seb to manage her house during her absence. In the meantime, Gary has taken Phelan's position as the new Weatherfield landlord and Seb works for him as his apprentice.

In March 2019, Gary discovered that Phelan had previously did a botched job at the local "Underworld Factory" and that the building's roof may have a potential verge of collapsing. Gary informed the situation of Phelan's botched job to Carla, the Underworld Factory manager, and she ended up tacking dire financial straits in an effort to repair the factory. However, her attempts were unsuccessful and the factory ultimately collapsed in 19 March 2019 — leaving all of Carla's employees trapped; including Izzy, Sally, Gina, Sean, and Gemma, along with fellow co-workers Beth Tinker; her husband Kirk Sutherland; and their friend Emma Brooker. With the help of several local residents, including Gary and Tim, the co-workers manage to help; however, Rana — who was due to marry Kate on that day — was left unknowingly trapped and she consequently dies after the factory roof collapses on her. Following Rana's death and the factory roof collapse, Roy's foster son Wayne Hayes — a local Health and Safety executive assigned to investigate the incident's cause — interrogates Carla on suspicion that her negligence drove the events behind the disaster, an act which prompts Peter to bribe Gary £10,000 in telling Wayne that Phelan is responsible; as Peter and Carla were previously married in December 2013, a few days before Phelan approached Owen to feign starting a business partnership between them. Because of his botched job a year ago, Phelan has claimed Rana as his fifth murder victim — albeit indirectly.


Do you really want to know what I am? I’m that; I’m the darkness and the light; I’m a creator and a destroyer, the accuser and the prosecutor; I'm the lord in hope; I’m the layer in wait....... and I’m the worst thing you can imagine!
~ Pat Phelan's breakdown as his wife Eileen finally discovers his true colors.
Pat Phelan is the embodiment of pure nefariousness. As an illegitimate businessman and career criminal with a narcissistic personality disorder, Phelan feigns his display of being a friendly and kind gentlemen who turns out to be ruthless and dangerously violent to the very core.


Pat Phelan Relationships

List of Victims

A list of people whom Pat Phelan has victimized throughout the course of his reign of terror story arc.


  • Unnamed Rabbit — Phelan shot a rabbit with an air rifle and watched it die rather than finish it off, during a hunting session with his father amid his childhood era. This served as the impact behind Phelan's villainous nature.
  • Annabel Rubinstein — Phelan raped Annabel back in September 1989; just nine months before their daughter Nicola was born.
  • Issac Rubinstein — Phelan was alleged to have assaulted Issac back in September 1989; these events were described by Issac's neighbor Lydia Hartman when she tells Phelan's daughter Nicola Rubinstein about the time both men scrapped outside on a previous occasion; it is most likely that Issac fought with Phelan from the point he discovered that Phelan had raped his wife Annabel, though Lydia stated that Issac "came of worse" — which implies that Phelan had beaten up Issac during their confrontation.
  • Valerie Phelan — Phelan constantly cheated on Valerie during their 17 year marriage; with Phelan's first business partner Owen Armstrong recalling the time he spent time with a striptease lap dancer behind Valerie's back. Valerie eventually divorced Phelan, cleansing his assets in the process, after learning that he slept with Owen's girlfriend Anna Windass off-screen; the result of their divorce rendered Phelan penniless, up to the point where he returns to Weatherfield in January 2016 to rebuild his life — thus triggering his reign of terror story arc up until 1st June 2018.
  • Anna Windass — Phelan raped Anna by blackmailing her into sleeping with him in April 2014. After discrediting and terrorizing her for two years since his return in January 2016, Phelan framed Anna for pushing her daughter's boyfriend Seb Franklin off a ladder in retaliation for exposing her rape ordeal to his daughter Nicola Rubinstein. She eventually got her revenge on 1 June 2018 after stabbing Phelan during his "last stand" rampage, killing him and ending his reign of terror once and for all.
  • Gary Windass — Phelan blackmailed Gary in retaliation for the latter's assault on him in February 2014, which consequently led to the events of Phelan raping Gary's mother Anna Windass and conning her boyfriend Owen Armstrong out of his £80,000 investment — the result of which had left both their families on the verge of financial bankruptcy. Phelan continued to antagonize and torment Gary since his return to Weatherfield in January 2016, culminating with Gary kidnapping Phelan in a last-ditch attempt to avenge his mother's rape — but failed after Phelan escaped his captivity by attacking him with a chair. Phelan's torment of Gary serves as the impact behind Gary's villainous antics that involved him causing the death of local resident Rana Habeeb and later killing his loan shark Rick Neelan.
  • Owen Armstrong — Phelan tricked Owen in investing £80,000 onto their business project, as part of his plan to exact revenge on Owen for stealing his motorcycle and forcing him to pay what was owed back in October 2013. After blackmailing Owen in completing the project for no profit in retaliation for Gary's assault, Phelan subsequently arranged for have him blacklisted from the council's list of approved builders; the result leaves Owen financially bankrupted and virtually jobless, before he eventually leaves Weatherfield after Phelan's actions had effectively destroyed his relationship with Anna as well.
  • Kevin Webster — Phelan manipulated Kevin into believing his own version of his past with Anna, which nearly destroyed their relationship in the process. When that failed and the pair embarked on a feud, Phelan sabotaged Kevin's business ventures by blackmailing his neighbor Andy Carver into setting fire to his garage — which consequently discredited Kevin along with his mechanic operations, which Phelan had earlier arranged to have impaired beforehand.
  • Robert Preston — Phelan sabotaged the electrics that Robert prepared at the Bistro restaurant; though this came at the request of Robert's business rival Nick Tilsey due to their fueling conflict, Phelan most likely did so to expand his reign upon Weatherfield. Phelan later ruined Robert's wedding to Michelle Connor over a year later, just two months after his crimes were exposed, upon disrupting the ceremony in his last-ditch attempt to escape Weatherifeld — during which Phelan held the couple hostage with a gun, threatening to kill Robert at gunpoint, and then shooting Michelle when she prevented Phelan from killing Robert.
  • Norris Cole — Phelan conned Norris by arranging to have his venture obstructed; one of Phelan's associates falsely appeared as a property developer and deceived Norris into ordering new shipments before fleeing with them.
  • Jason Grimshaw — Phelan deceptively usurped Jason by sabotaging his business developments, at one point having his van torched — which essentially led an unsuspecting Jason to depart Weatherfield, thus allowing Phelan to seize control of both his inheritance and his venture for the impending "Calcutta Street" flats scam project.
  • Todd Grimshaw — Phelan entrapped Todd into working alongside him and his business partner, Vinny Ashford, on their "Calcutta Street" flats scam project in 2016 — the result of which nearly led to the pair getting arrested following Vinny's betrayal. In 2017, Phelan's marriage with Eileen led to Todd facing multiple complications — culminating in him getting arrested for assaulting a police officer and attempting to leave Weatherfield with his adopted daughter Summer Spellman. Throughout this, Phelan is indirectly responsible for Todd's departure from Weatherfield.
  • Billy Mayhew — Phelan attacked Billy before forcing him to go into rehabilitation as penance for stealing money from Eileen. Prior to this, Phelan had exploited Billy's public shaming after the vicar's affair with Todd was exposed.
  • Yasmeen Nazir — Phelan defrauded Yasmeen out of £15,000 during the course of his "Calcutta Street" flats scam development. Prior to this, Phelan had vandalized Yasmeen's community centre - the Jamila House Community Centre - in a successful bid to secure his partnership with the Freschos supermarket.
  • Rita Turner — Phelan defrauded Rita out of £15,000 during the course of his "Calcutta Street" flats scam development.
  • Sarah Platt — Phelan defrauded Sarah out of £15,000 during the course of his "Calcutta Street" flats scam development, and later took her and Gary hostage in the events of his "last-stand" lethal rampage.
  • Michael Rodwell — Phelan watched Michael die of a heart attack, without helping him, in order to prevent him from exposing the truth about his "Calcutta Street" flats scam development. Prior to this, Phelan previously watched Michael have a heart attack in March 2016 and was on the verge of not helping him until Jason abruptly interfered.
  • Andy Carver — Phelan blackmailed Andy in retaliation for the latter attacking him in December 2016. On his weeding day a month later, Phelan kidnapped Andy to prevent him from exposing the truth about both Michael's death and the "Calcutta Street" flats scam development. After keeping him captive in a cellar for nearly over a year, Phelan killed Andy - though not before forcing him to execute Vinny under the guise of earning his "freedom".
  • Steph Britton — Phelan deliberately caused Steph to leave Weatherfield on two different occasions; first in January 2017 when she sought to leave Weatherfield for Portugal with her boyfriend Andy Carver, after learning that Phelan had been blackmailing him and threatening her; and the second in February 2018 when Phelan manipulated Steph into leaving Weatherfield for good to ally suspicion of him killing Andy and her brother Luke Britton.
  • Freddie Smith — Phelan nearly conned Freddie from thousands of pounds when he and his business partner Vinny Ashford intended to defraud him in a poker game in a bid to further establish their "Calcutta Street" scam project, only for Freddie's friend Michael Rodwell to thwart their plan. In 2017, Phelan is partly responsible for Freddie leaving Weatherfield upon instigating the events of his workplace being set on fire - which led to Freddie departing the street in order to overcome his financial difficulties.
  • Daniel Osbourne — Phelan threatened to hurt Daniel if he didn't stop pursuing his article project on "Calcutta Street", with Phelan knowing that Daniel's interference would expose his involvement behind both the scam and the death of Michael Rodwell. When Daniel refused, Phelan sabotaged his efforts by manipulating her boss's husband into thinking that they were having an affair — thus discrediting Daniel as a result.
  • Cindy Winston — Phelan targeted Cindy in his successful effort to prevent her apprentice Daniel Osbourne from investigating his involvement behind the "Calcutta Street" flats scam and the death of Michael Rodwell. After deceptively nicking Cindy's phone, Phelan tricked her husband Ross Winston into believing that Cindy and Daniel were having an affair — thus destroying Cindy's marriage with Ross when he confronted Daniel at the Bistro.
  • Vinny Ashford — Phelan blackmailed Vinny in returning to Weatherfield as revenge for the latter's betrayal within their "Calcutta Street" flats scam development. After forcing him to bring the money he was fleeced from, threatening to harm his mother Flora McArdle otherwise, Phelan kidnapped Vinny and staged his death by forcing Andy to shoot Vinny dead.
  • Luke Britton — Phelan killed Luke after the latter had unknowingly puzzled the true circumstances about Andy. After chasing him down in a high-speed vehicle car, in which Phelan manages to crash Luke's car into a wall, Phelan shot Luke to prevent him from escaping before proceeding to shoot at his car's petrol tank — destroying it and killing Luke in the resulting explosion.
  • Seb Franklin — Phelan incriminated Seb for the murders of both Andy and Luke after tricking him in touching his gun, which nearly led to Seb being framed for the murders had he and Gary not recovered Andy's body during their campaign to avenge Luke's death. Prior to this, Phelan manipulated Seb into believing that Anna pushed him off the ladder — which subsequently led to her arrest and wrongful conviction for Seb's accident; it is unclear but likely that Phelan pushed Seb off the ladder as part of his scheme against Anna.
  • Faye Windass — Phelan is responsible for the events of Faye getting allegedly bullied in school, as a result of him framing her mother Anna Windass for causing Faye's boyfriend Seb Franklin to have a ladder accident.
  • Eileen Grimshaw — Phelan deceived Eileen throughout his reign of terror in the events between 2016-2018, and nearly killed her in their dramatic showdown when she finally discovered his true colors — culminating when she kicked Phelan into the sea, presumably killing him. The following day, Eileen was arrested for all of her husband's crimes; as the police suspected her of abetting Phelan as well as being involved in his nefarious activities.
  • Flora McArdle — Phelan deceptively used Flora to blackmail her son Vinny in returning to Weatherfield, and to also deliver the money that they defrauded from several Weatherfield residents during their "Calcutta Street" scam development — which Vinny secretly took behind Phelan's back. This ultimately led to Phelan kidnapping Vinny and having him killed at the hands of fellow prisoner Andy Carver. Following these events, Flora was subsequently kicked out of her nursing home due to her son not paying her bills — since Phelan had already killed Vinny. Because of this, Phelan is the reason why Flora lost her nursing home and had to live under poor housing conditions for a month.
  • Nicola Rubinstein — Phelan unintentionally shot Nicola when she attempted to stop his lethal rampage, but she managed to survive. Nicola was also the result of rape after Phelan sexually assaulted her mother Annabel just nine months before she was born.
  • Michelle Connor — Phelan shot Michelle during his last-ditch attempt to escape Weatherfield, but she managed to survive.


  • Unnamed Pigeon — Phelan is alleged to have killed or caused the death of a pigeon when he tauntingly blackmailed his business partner's protege Gary Windass into digging a hole for the creature to be buried.
  • Izzy Armstrong — Phelan caused Izzy to undergo financial difficulties with her father Owen, after bankrupting him in retaliation for Owens stealing his bike to force Phelan to repay him £4,000 and later covering up his assault that was perpetuated by Izzy's boyfriend Gary Windass. Because of this, Phelan is responsible for Izzy's troubles in the subsequent events over the next years; including her father leaving Weatherfield for good; her sister Katy being killed in Portugal after she too left the street for the same reason; and Gary having a conflict with Izzy over how his troubles with Phelan led to some parenting problems with their son Jake.
  • Katy Armstrong — Phelan is indirectly responsible for the events of Katy being killed in Portugal, after she left Weatherfield with her mother Linda Hancock to overcome the events of Phelan bankrupting her father Owen in retaliation for the latter stealing his bike in a bid to force Phelan to settle his £4,000 debt.
  • Sally Webster — Phelan manipulated Sally in arranging for him to have planning permission for his "Calcutta Street" flats project, thus leaving her unaware of his plan to defraud the Weatherfield community. The result had partly jeopardized Sally's reign as the Mayor of Weatherfield, particularly during her false imprisonment for crimes she didn't commit during the second half of 2018. In March 2019, Sally was nearly killed when her workplace at the "Underworld Factory" collapsed on her — due to Phelan having done a botched job on the factory's roof a year ago in March 2018.
  • Sean Tully — Phelan caused Sean to leave Eileen's house after exploiting his discovery that his boyfriend Billy had cheated on him with Todd. Because of this, Phelan is indirectly responsible for the events of Sean becoming homeless in 2018 after his housing conditions had deteriorated.
  • Alex Warner — Phelan manipulated Alex in using his film club studio for the redevelopment of the "Calcutta Street" flats scam development, a result which partly damaged Alex's public image during the course of Phelan's scheme.
  • Tyrone Dobbs — Phelan nearly caused Tyrone to sell his mechanic centre after blackmailing his friend Andy Carver into burning down the garage, as part of Phelan's plan to exact revenge on Tyrone's business partner Kevin Webster over their conflict. Phelan later manipulated the events of Tyrone and Kevin embarking on a feud over the incident, with Phelan using Tyrone to further discredit Kevin's public reputation — such as the case when Phelan caused Kevin to punch Tyrone for accepting his offer to fix their garage out of spite.
  • Ken Barlow — Phelan is partly responsible for the events of Ken getting attacked by his son Daniel Osbourne, after the pair ended up having a disagreement over Phelan's shift to fix Ken's kitchen; in which Phelan lacked speeding up progress due to his ongoing troubles and how it resulted in Ken confronting him over his dodgy dealings.
  • David Platt — Phelan is indirectly responsible for the events of David getting raped by his new friend Josh Tucker, who replaced his neighbour Luke Britton from his job at the local mechanic shop — after Phelan ended up killing Luke to prevent him from discovering his murder of Luke's best-friend Andy Carver. Because of this, David would never have been raped and nor endure the ordeal with Josh if Phelan hadn't murdered Luke.
  • Tim Metcalfe — Phelan virtually ruined Tim's marriage with his wife Sally Webster as a result of his crimes, most of which led to the couple arguing over Phelan's nature; with Tim rightfully suspecting him to be a criminal whereas Sally blissfully defended his character.
  • Carla Connor — Phelan had obliquely plunged Carla into dire financial straits after he did a botched job on her workshop, the Underworld Factory, from early 2018 — prior to his murderous crimes being exposed at the end of March that year. Because of this, Phelan is indirectly responsible for the subsequent events of the factory's roof collapse; the result which killed local resident Rana Habeeb and would potentially incriminate Carla behind her death and the factory collapse.
  • Rana Habeeb — Phelan is indirectly responsible for the death of Rana in March 2019, when she died in the Underworld Factory after the roof collapsed on her — due to Phelan having done a botched job on the factory a year ago, prior to his murderous crimes being exposed. Rana was also previously amongst Phelan's hostages in his last-stand lethal rampage, in which he forced her to help save his daughter Nicola Rubinstein from a gunshot wound before his death.


"Hello mate!"
~ Pat Phelan greeting his criminal associates.
~ Pat Phelan's catchphrase.
"Why does anyone do anything? Fun, spite, power trip, all the above?"
~ Pat Phelan responding to Owen Armstrong, his first business partner, questioning his nefarious methods.
"It's been a pleasure!"
~ Pat Phelan's final words in his first stint before departing the show in 2014.
"I won't cause you any trouble if you don't cause me any trouble!!"
~ Phelan makes a coerced deal with Anna shortly after the two get reacquainted.
"Pat Phelan, nice to meet you!"
~ Pat Phelan's first words in his second stint upon returning in 2016.
"Well you better put a contract in on it, because that's the way I'm leaving town darling"
~ Phelan taunts Anna over the fact that she has to cope with his presence around Weatherfield.
"Do you know what Napoleon used to say? That he like his generals to be lucky. If Napoleon would've loved me I would have become a flaming field marshal. But you, 2-0 up, five minutes to go, and you still managed to blown it.... I win again. But you're right Michael, I'm no murderer. I'm just too soft you see. When I was a kid, I had an air rifle. One day I went out to a country. I shoot this rabbit; the shot didn't kill it, I saw it run over. I'm looking at it.... twitching.... making this funny, breaking noises. It's a rasping.... this.... blood bubble coming out of it's mouth. And I won't lie to you Michael, it wasn't a pretty sight.... and I should've.... I should've killed it. It was suffering, but could I have known I was right too close. No. It wasn't in me, you see. So I just sat there..... just watching it.... struggle.... until it died. I felt really bad Michael, because it was my doing, you know, but I mean not this time.... and just so it happens you're time's up. And like I say.... Napoleon would've loved me!".
~ Pat Phelan describing his childhood past to his love rival Michael Rodwell; all the while watching the latter succumb to a heart attack without helping him.
"You know that story you were writing? How about the bad guy that gets his comeuppance? Well, I’ve just thought of a new ending!"
~ One of Pat Phelan's famous quotes as he seemingly kills fellow enemy Andy Carver.
"You don't know me."
~ Pat Phelan's last words to Andy before he executes him; mere moments after manipulating Andy into killing Vinny Ashford.
"Well you came looking for Andy! Looks like you found him, you say hello from me."
~ Pat Phelan's last words to Luke Britton before murdering him after a spectacular high-speed vehicle chase.
"Twelve juries Anna, unanimous verdict Anna!, it's called justice Anna!!"
~ Pat Phelan taunting Anna as his scheme to frame her for GBH succeeds; and she is dragged off to prison for four-months.



  • Pat Phelan's reign of terror story arc is similar to Richard Hillman's homicidal saga.
    • Phelan and Richard were both businessmen and serial con artists.
    • Their first "murder" victim was by accident and somebody whom they consequently left to die; with Richard leaving business partner Duggie Ferguson to die in February 2002, and Phelan provoking love rival Michael Rodwell to die of a fatal heart attack in November 2016.
    • Their second and third murder victims were committed by their own hands; with Richard killing ex-wife Patricia in May 2002 and later local neighbour Maxine Peacock in January 2003, while Phelan executed prisoner Andy Carver in October 2017 before murdering the latter's best friend Luke Britton in January 2018.
      • Because Phelan is responsible for the deaths of Vinny Ashford on the night of Andy's murder in October 2017, and later Rana Habeeb in March 2019 as well, his total cost of murder victims is five. In contrast, Richard was involved in three deaths throughout his duration on the show.
    • Ironically enough, both characters were responsible for the deaths of their business partners; Richard had left his fellow property developer Duggie Ferguson to succumb to his fatal injury after witnessing him fall through a banister, whereas Phelan orchestrated the murder of his old cohort Vinny Ashford by blackmailing in returning to Weatherfield and then kidnapping him.
    • Shortly after their second murder they got married to the person they loved; with Richard marrying local resident Gail Platt and with Phelan marrying her old nemesis, Eileen Grimshaw.
    • The pair of them tried to move on from their crime and build a happy family life; with Richard creating a ready made family with Gail and her children, while Phelan sought to bond with his long-lost daughter Nicola Rubinstein amid building his marriage with Eileen.
    • When the pair came close to being rumbled, they confessed to their loved ones about their crimes, although Richard did it simply because he couldn't lie to Gail anymore, whereas Phelan seemed to do it to boast to Eileen and scare her into letting him getaway. Phelan also appeared to meet his end in a watery grave like Richard, however this didn't come to pass as unlike Richard, he survived and didn't drown. But like Richard himself, Phelan went into hiding after his confession and was killed after his "last stand" rampage had ultimately failed.
  • Phelan is indirectly responsible for the events of Michael's stepson David Platt getting raped by Josh Tucker, who took the position that Luke Britton had at the Weatherfield mechanical centre after Phelan murdered Luke in 5 January 2018; thus, the events of Josh raping David would never have occurred had Phelan never killed Luke.
  • The storyline where Phelan kept Andy chained in a basement for nearly the entirety of 2017, which culminated in 27 October 2017 when Phelan killed Andy after forcing him to murder Vinny resulted in Ofcom receiving 390 complaints. Ofcom claims that these complaints were about the violence, but most of these complaints were about the lack of quality in the writing. Critics cite this as a prime example of ITV's supposedly thin skin.
  • Phelan's three murder victims - Andy Carver; his surrogate father Michael Rodwell; and best friend Luke Britton - had all debuted on Coronation Street in 2014.
    • Phelan's remaining murder victim, Vinny Ashford, first appeared on the show in 2016.
  • Connor McIntyre, the actor who portrayed Pat Phelan, won villain of the year at the British Soap Awards in 2016 and in 2018; he was also nominated for the same award in 2017, but lost to Lucy-Jo Hudson's portrayal as Rhiannon Davis from Doctors.
  • In the episode dated 14th March 2016, Phelan stated that he and Valerie were married for 17 years — thus disclosing that Phelan had married Valerie at somepoint in 1998.
  • Pat Phelan's story arc had provided the show with an increase in viewing figures, with episodes attracting audiences of around 8,000,000 in consolidated figures.
    • The episode in which Eileen discovered the truth about Phelan and send him falling into the sea on 30th March 2018 had achieved 9,380,000 viewers, a three-year ratings high for the show. The episode also achieved a 46% share for 16–34 year olds, which is the highest in that demographic since 2006.
    • The second episode in which Phelan was revealed to have survived his fall on 2nd April 2018 had reached a peak audience of 8,500,000.
    • The episode in which Anna killed Phelan at the end of his "last-stand" lethal rampage on 1st June 2018 had achieved an average audience of 8,660,000 via 28 day data.
  • The week of Phelan's last stand was aired after the watershed ( due to violence and gore.


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