Neil Clifton
Neil Clifton


Ben Cartwright


Neil Clifton


Sergeant Clifton


Coronation Street


Corrupt police officer
Affiliate of Nathan Curtis
Superior of Craig Tinker (formerly)
Father of Kayla Westbrook




Seducing Bethany Platt


Cover up his involvement in Nathan Curtis' sex ring and prevent Craig from discovering his role in Bethany's rape ordeal.


Convicted to life imprisonment for raping Bethany Platt


Corrupt Official

Neil Clifton is a fictional character of the British soap opera Coronation Street who served as the tertiary antagonist in 2017 - serving as the secondary antagonist in Bethany Platt's grooming storyline - and reappeared as a supporting antagonist in 2018.


Neil first appeared when he invited himself to a party hosted by Nathan and attended by Bethany herself. During the party, he paid good money and became impatient after Nathan kept delaying the date in which Neil could be with Bethany. Nathan knew that he had to be careful, as to not attract any attention to his schemes, and so pretended that Neil had a part to play in the business at Supreme Tanning, and that it was his money that paid for all of Bethany's equipment.

Nathan warned Bethany that she should be kind and polite to him, especially after a number of electronic goods supposedly belonging to Neil were stolen from the flat; unbeknownst to Bethany, however, Nathan organized this to stage her "outing" with Neil. Suggesting that Bethany make up the loss to Neil by going to dinner with him, Nathan later watched on and did nothing as things escalated later on in the night - where Neil took Bethany away from Nathan's party to silently rape her in the bedroom.

By the time Nathan's scheme was finally exposed, Nathan was consequently arrested whilst Neil blackmails Bethany into keeping his name out of the ordeal. She reluctantly complies after he threatens her family and fellow friend Craig Tinkers, whom Neil is mentoring as his protégé within the police department.

Eventually, Craig manages to find out about Neil's involvement with Nathan's sex ring upon finding out the truth from Bethany at last. With Bethany's and subsequently Neil's confession when he once again confronts Craig for his continuing interference, Craig uses both evidences to report Neil to the police - thereby leading Neil into being caught at last. A few months later, Neil reappears when Craig testifies against him and Nathan during their trial for raping Bethany. Neil then takes the stand and makes an effort to justify his actions, though this only escalates his guilt as it doesn't appear to alter or faze the jury. Later on, Nathan's false yet desperate methods to swing the vote in his favor ends miserably as his lies slip up - thus ensuring that the possibilities of Neil being found "not guilty" are at a lost cause. Case in point, Neil is indeed convicted right after Nathan and his perverted friend Ian Yardley along with their accomplices are all found guilty of raping Bethany.