Laserbeak returns as the scenery antagonist of the film. In the third installment of the live-action Transformers movie trilogy, Laserbeak appears as Soundwave's minion. He is first seen in Africa with Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Igor. Unlike other incarnations, this version of Laserbeak could speak and possessed a cunning and vicious personality. As well as his usual bird-like form, this version of Laserbeak could utilize multiple alternate modes and has been seen turning into a computer and even a pink, human-sized version of Bumblebee. He is very successful and quick in killing humans. He was sent out by Megatron to kill those who had hidden the Ark from public sight after they had "served their purpose". His victim list was Alexi Voshikod, Jerry Wang, and a NASA engineer, and possibly other humans off-screen. He is Dylan Gould's bodyguard as well, since Soundwave obeys Dylan Gould. Jerry Wang was perhaps the bravest human to confront Laserbeak, as he was pointing two guns at Laserbeak yelling, "Aw shit! Huh? Who wants some chicken dinner now, bitch? Cause somebody messed with the wrong Wang today!" Somewhere around the late middle of the film, Sam Witwicky was threatening Dylan Gould with a gun ordering where Carly Brooks Spencer is. Laserbeak attacked Sam, but was then shot by Bumblebee.