Captain Darrow
Captain Darrow


Tony Todd


Captain Darrow




The Rock


A rogue U.S. soldier who was formally subordinated under Francis X Hummel


High Intelligence
Master of Deception and Marksmanship
Vast Intimidation and Combatant Skills


Conspiring with Captain Frye against their commander


To help Captain Frye kill both Francis X Hummel and Major Tom Baxter in order to proceed with their plot to claim $100 million dollars
To eliminate Stanley Goodspeed and John Mason to prevent them form obstructing his agenda in using the VX rocket to destroy San Francisco


Attempted genocide


Military Terrorist
Sociopathic Mercenary
Traitorous Partner-In-Crime
Complete Monster

I'm not a soldier, Major. The day we took hostages, we became mercenaries. And mercenaries get paid. I want my FUCKING money!
~ Darrow turning on Hummel upon realizing he would not get paid.

Captain Darrow is a fictional character and the secondary antagonist of the 1996 action film, The Rock.


He and his cohort, Captain Frye, got their first mission under Hummel in Alcatraz when he took over the island and took hostages. One night, as security around the island was breached, Darrow, along with other marines, massacres an entire SEAL team sent to retake the island. After the battle, Darrow suggested that Hummel execute a few hostages for the SEAL team's interference, but Hummel - who secretly had no intention of killing anybody and was appalled by the SEALs' deaths - coldly refused.

The very next morning, a VX missile fires, but Hummel - who cannot bring himself to kill innocent civilians - turns the missile off course to hit water instead. Darrow, angered by this, brings his other marines to see his commander. Just as General Hummel called it quits, Darrow and Frye decide to launch the last VX rocket anyway - betraying Hummel and killing him, alongside his lieutenant Major Tom Baxter, in the process. In that moment, Frye and Darrow are forced to retreat upon getting ambushed by Stanley Goodspeed and John Mason. While Frye and Mason face off in the ensuing gunfight, Darrow rushes to activate the launch in the lower lighthouse until being confronted by Goodspeed in pursuit. They prepare to duel until Goodspeed, with a a trump card. Goodspeed asks if Darrow likes Rocket Man, the Elton John song. Darrow says he hates the song ("I don't like soft-ass shit!"), but Stanley says he brought it up because the captain was indeed the Rocket Man. Goodspeed then fires the last missile, sending Darrow out the window onto a post that impales him - brutally killing Darrow and partly avenging the deaths of Hummel and Baxter, which would thereupon be fully completed when Goodspeed goes on to proceed in killing Frye and subsequently preventing the launch to save San Francisco along with it's entire population.


  • It is possible that a deleted scene Involving him, Captain Frye and Sergeant Crisp might have revealed a plan to kill Hummel as soon as the cash arrived but that's probably not what the films director Michael Bay wanted.