Andy Hunter
Andy Hunter


Michael Higgs


Andrew Hunter


Mr. Hunter




Representative-turned-appointed leader of The Firm
Owner of Turf Accountants


High intelligence


Antagonizing and squaring up to Alfie Moon
Threatening and inflicting harm upon his would-be victims
Expanding his criminal reign upon Walford as well as his business empire


Avenge the death of Jack Dalton by unveiling his killer
Marry Kat Slater and prevent her crush Alfie Moon from ruining their wedding

Get revenge on Alfie and Kat for ruining his wedding to her
Marry Sam Mitchell and seize control of her financial assists and family estate
Prevent Sam's cousin Billy and crush Minty Peterson from ruining his wedding to her
Kill Paul Trueman as revenge for exposing his criminal activities to the police and later attempting to entrap him
Defraud £750,000 from Johnny Allen and prevent him from learning about his scam
Discredit Alfie along with his two cousins Jake and Danny


Multiple counts of theft
Attempted murder
Serial assault


Egotistical Mobster

Andy Hunter is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders; serving as a secondary antagonist in the second half of 2003 and later becoming one of the show's main antagonists throughout 2004 and in between January-February 2005.


Andy is an employee of 'The Firm', of which he takes control after the murder of their old leader: Jack Dalton - at the hands of Dennis Rickman. He had previously been married and divorced to a woman named Bev. He is attracted to Kat Slater, and asks her out on a date in The Queen Victoria pub, but she harshly turns him down. However he keeps trying and she eventually accepts his advances; and after some weeks he falls in love with Kat. He proposes to her while they are in New York and she accepts. On their wedding day, Alfie Moon runs into the church and says he loves her and Kat leaves Andy for Alfie, thus making Andy and Alfie enemies. However Andy gets his revenge as Alfie owes him a large amount of money. Andy blackmails Kat to have sex with him behind Alfie's back, in order to pay off the money and if she refuses, he says he will have Alfie killed. Alfie manages to provide the money, but only after Kat has already slept with Andy. When they are in bed together, Andy secretly films everything with a hidden video camera he sets up, and gives the tape to Alfie.

Alfie later watches the tape out of curiosity and is heartbroken at what he sees, and confronts Kat about it, nearly ending their relationship. Andy hopes for them to split but he doesn't succeed as Alfie and Kat are still going strong, and Alfie also gets his revenge by giving Andy a tape thinking that it is the same tape that Andy sent him. However, as Andy starts to watch it, he is taken aback as he discovers it is a different tape of Alfie and Kat's wedding. As their relationship progresses, Andy's feud with Alfie continues. Andy soon begins a relationship with Sam Mitchell, leading to the pair getting married - despite attempts from her cousin Billy and his friend Minty Peterson, who has a crush on Sam, to stop the wedding. However, he eventually dumps her when she signs her house over to Andy just after being tricked by Marcus Christile into selling the Queen Vic over to it's original landlord: Den Watts, an ex-member of "The Firm" whom Andy frequently interacts with. By the time their divorce came to light, Andy takes Sam for every penny she has - leaving her homeless.

In 2004, Andy hires two of Alfie's cousins — Jake Moon, and his younger brother Danny — to work for him and later embarks on a feud with the latter whilst becoming impressed with the former's allegiance to him; in the process, his rivalry with Alfie builds up. He also becomes enemies with Ian Beale and forms an unlikely friendship with Pat Butcher. Towards the end of the year, Andy employs drug dealer Paul Trueman into his criminal empire. However, when Paul gets arrested, he reports Andy to the police in regards to his activities. In response, Andy takes his revenge on Paul by hiring a hitman from The Firm to kill him; Paul is killed in December 2004, and his body is eventually recovered before being identified by his stressful father: Patrick. As Patrick questions the circumstances over his son's death, Andy threatens Pat after confiding to her about his involvement in Paul's murder. Regardless, Patrick discovers the truth and reports Andy to the police - only to be dismissed as there is no evidence against him. When confronting Andy over his son's murder, Patrick swears revenge on him

In January 2005, Andy hatches a plot to extort £750,000 from the newly-arrived local mob boss: Johnny Allen, whom Jake soon begins working for as he becomes irritated with Andy's methods. By then, Andy has embarked on a feud with Johnny and also recoups his conflict with Den as the pair grow to dislike each other; with Pat also turning from Andy as his increasingly paranoia gets the better of him. Eventually, Andy's fueling rivalry with Alfie leads to the pair having a showdown - in which Danny intervenes on Alfie's behalf. While the pair argue over Danny's interference, Andy takes the opportunity to flee and plans on finalizing his scheme against Johnny. However, he ends up meeting up with Johnny after being tricked by Jake into heading to a rendezvous point. Johnny takes Andy for a walk and offers a handshake as a "gesture" for the two to start anew rather than expanding their feud. When Andy does shake his hand, however, Johnny - after telling Andy to "enjoy your flight" - pushes him off a motorway footbridge, killing him instantly. Following his death, Andy is reported to have committed suicide according to the police; ironically, he died on the same night as Den - who himself was bludgeoned to death by his wife Chrissie. Sam is asked to attend Andy's will reading, expecting to get all of his money and assets. However, Andy leaves the house to Pat Evans and the bookmakers to Dennis, leaving Sam with just his wedding ring, "so she can sell it, get her roots done and still be the dumbest blonde I ever knew."

Following the coincidental deaths of Andy and Den themselves, Johnny took control of the Walford criminal underworld in Andy's place. Towards the end of 2005, he successfully arranged to have Dennis Rickman killed after the latter's feud with Johnny led to him discovering the truth about Andy's murder. Eventually, Johnny confessed to the murders when Den's old enemy Phil Mitchell - the lover of Dennis' former girlfriend Sharon Mitchell - and his brother Grant conspired against him. During his prison sentencing, Johnny succumbed to a fatal heart attack and died whilst being rushed to hospital.


  • It remains unclear how Andy took control of The Firm after it's former leader - Jack Dalton - was killed by Dennis Rickman.
  • After Dalton's murder, Andy briefly became the show's main antagonist up until 28 September 2003; when Dennis' Den Watts returned after 13 years to usurp the role for the next 18 months.
    • Throughout Den's reign, Andy served as the show's secondary antagonist throughout 2004 and the first two months, of 2005 before the pair were killed off by their respective usurpers on 18 February 2005; with Andy getting killed by local gangland rival Johnny Allen, and Den being murdered by his scheming wife Chrissie.